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New Zealand

Saturday Night Lights Come Alive

Sleepless in Wellington wouldn’t be so bad. It really is a magical place at night with all the lights booming across the bays, dancing in the harbour and illuminating fountains and artworks along the promenade. To show the beauty of this, I have made a small selection of photos (the first one was actually taken […]

New Zealand

Bestest Wellington

Everything about it was good. Barbara Anderson – The Girls It seems like I have to make a decision now. Which city do I like best: Rotorua or Wellington? After all, New Zealand’s capital is simply great. Take for instance a comparison with Auckland: Auckland is big, hilly and boring, while Wellington is higher, surrounded […]

Hiking New Zealand Oceania

The Best Wellington Hiking Trail

Standing on a mountain ridge, gazing at both the North and South coast of New Zealand and watching the clouds whisk by over my head, that’s when you feel on top of the world. Now I see why the Maori called this country Aotearoa, the Land of the Big White Cloud. From up here it […]

Destination Dos New Zealand Oceania The Nerd

The Tribe Locations in Wellington – A Fan Girl’s Dream Kept Alive

Here is another reason I simply HAVE to love Wellington: It is home to the bestest (and costume craziest) TV series, which happens to be my favourite and which also happens to be unknown to every person I have met so far. Never mind, I had fun hunting down all the The Tribe locations in […]