What Happens when a Foodie goes to Nagano

I bet you’ve already got the message, being a foodie in Japan is da bomb. So much yumminess on every corner and even if you don’t know what the dish actually includes and how to pronounce the name, there are pictures for clueless tourists everywhere. So, grab your chopstick and head over to Nagano, the place to be in today’s post.

But, here’s another thing. It’s not your standard post. I will not go on and on about how cute the snow monkeys and what kinds of food Nagano has because I’ve already done that. Instead, I let myself speak for myself. Literally. In a video. The pros are a) you can stop reading now and click on the little picture down below b) there will be more videos in my foodie series coming soon and c) you can actually see my craziness (is that a pro or con?). The downside is that you can’t reach through the screen and have a bite yourself.

Anyway, enjoy watching and let me know what you think and what food I should try out in the comments!


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