Instagram Round up August – Castles, Oceans and Snow

River cruise on the Elbe near Dresden

Here it is, the second installment of my new roundup series to keep you updated on all the stuff that is going on ON and OFF the blog. This month has been pretty unspectacular as I am still trying to settle in to a semi-nomadic state. It’s been hard. The less I travel, the more distracted and anxious I get and the more I feel sucked into a life that no longer suits me. It’s like the old shirts I took with me on my first world trip because that’s what backpackers do, I thought, to take their least precious items so they can be worn out without shedding a tear over them.


The Struggle – Settling Down or Moving on

And like the time I left New Zealand, the first thing I did when I was able to throw my backpack to the ground and sit down or a while is to go binging. Binging on what I had been craving. To refresh your memory, it ended in the episode on how not to do sightseeing in Melbourne. I ended up buying in a foodie parlour, eating my weight in ice cream and Japanese bread and tried weightlifting shopping bags all the way home on a 45minute train ride.

And here I am, looking through the photo albums I had printed a few months ago and have been showing to anyone who would want to look at them. I secretly hoped it would transport me back to those good old times. That it would evoke the same feelings of total freedom and endless opportunities. That I would smell the fresh air surrounding eucalyptus trees. The salty taste on my lips when walking by the ocean. The constant state of happy confusion when getting lost in the maze-like streets of Tokyo. All of these memories become more and more distant.

Saxon Switzerland near Dresden

And that is why I am dedicating a huge chunk of my time to my latest (crazy) project. I am writing a book. Well, not exactly writing. I am writing and DRAWING a book. How does that sound? And as always the ideas in my head sounded way more manageable than they turned out in real life. I am mostly losing my mind over what to include and how to make you, my readers, actually feel like you are there with me when you read/see it. My head can be a pretty weird place where things don”t make sense to anyone else but me. But I am trying my best at channelling my inner Lewis Carroll:

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”Lewis Carroll

So without much further ado, here is the instagram inspiration for your own crazy travel thoughts. Be they impossible or not.

River cruise on the Elbe near Dresden

Behind the Photo

instagram roundup pic of Lapland

Again, you probably think I am crazy (and you might be right), but once summer has finally hit Germany (and it had a hard time finding us), I am redoing my post on Lapland in winter. I love snow. And I am super looking forward to my winter getaway the snowy Alps in Austria this December. And I am practicing my drawing skills. Check out my top 10 Lapland list and tell me how you like my doodles.
instagram roundup pic of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Another latergram, but Hong Kong has been my first non-European and real-solo-world-traveller destination and holds a very special place in my heart. Also, because a lot of crazy things had happened there in just a day. I wrote about it on my instagram and would like to know if you prefer me writing down my crazy stories there or should stick to telling you travel insights and tips.
instagram roundup pic of Saxony
Saxony, Germany
I also finished my blog series on 7 epic fairy tale castles in 3 days. Germany has loads of those and Saxony is a hotspot, boasting 50 castles in one small state. I went up a giant fortress on a hill, danced on a bridge in the sky and then headed for the mountains in the Erzgebirge – THE place to be for Christmas (do I see a winter them here?).

My latest 5 insta crushes

@TheStyleBungalow – Love her effortless summer style. Boho meets Seaside.
@HippieinHeelsBlog – Rachel currently gives me the best seaside vibes.
@OneMoreZoe – Zoe gives me serious travel goals for sprinkling a little more glam onto my life and travels.
@MarisaHampe – One of my favourite German grammers, Marisa’s excellent photography skills will make you redefine what wanderlust means.
@TravelWithdrawals – Colourful seaside towns are seriously the best mood enhancers.

Moritzburg castle near Dresden

5 Blog Posts This Month

How I made 0.21$ as a blogger – cause we bloggers ain’t rich
Solo vs group travel – because both are awesome
6 Ways to avoid becoming a travel bore – It’s hard to NOT talk about travel all the time but necessary
6 things emotionally intelligent people do when they travel – interesting read
Travelling with a Group: How to Cope When You Don’t Fit In – because groups are society in a nutshell, I find

Saariselkä in Lapland

5 Top Blog Posts this Month

How to Spend a Perfect Summer Day in the Erzgebirge
10 Unmissable Reasons to Visit Lapland this Year
How to see 7 Famous Fairy Tale Castles in Germany in Three Days (Part 1)
How to Please Foodies in Japan
How to Not Feel Awkward When Eating Alone

What inspired YOUR wanderlust this month? Let me know your favourite instagrammers and maybe your own gallery as well. I would love to check it out.

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