7 Easy Tips on how to Travel with a Wig

I don’t see it as such but recently I was told I have an obsession with wigs and synthetic hair. There might be something there as I started my world trip with a black wig in my luggage, later bought a pink wig in a Japanese cosplay shop (and wore it while getting lost in Tokyo and carrying a shrine) and on African safari near Cape Town I was wearing waist-long synthetic hair in a myriad of braids. So yes, I guess I do love my synthetic hair, who would have thought? And travel with a wig is not that hard either!

Do you Know how to Travel with a Wig?
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But that got me thinking, did I treat it right? I certainly didn’t and to rectify that, I have done my research on how to travel with a wig and am sharing it with you now in case you would like to embrace a wig or to yourself for whatever reason. Or wear braids. And just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with doing any of this, it is just another way to decorate the top of your head and we are all guilty of wanting to do that, aren’t we?

Packing It Right

Wigs are practical in that they are light and don’t take up much space. They can be squeezed and stuffed and here lies the danger. They can break. Not such a good thing. So to not damage your new hair, turn your wig inside out (unless it’s heavily styled or spiked – such as with cosplay wigs), carefully curl up your wig or plait (if long) and put in a hairnet. Now, put it in a zippable plastic bag to avoid moisture or at least put it in a (silky) scarf for protection. If your wig is near and dear to you, pack it in your carry on. Or on your head. Just saying.

Keep It in Shape

If you are staying in one place for a longer time or use your wig daily, you might consider investing in a portable plastic stand to retain the shape. When staying in hotels, you might want to get creative by using lampshades or turned over ice buckets, edges of TVs and the like. Maybe even an inflatable ball?

Keep It Fresh

Nobody wants a wig that either looks like a wig or like a bad hair day. That is also true when you travel with a wig. So wash it before you leave to get that shine down (if you bought it new especially) and invest in special hair care products. These are different from your regular products and you might not find them at your destination or wouldn’t want to spend time looking for them (unless they are really cheap maybe). Fill them into travel size bottles and seal pace cling foil between the bottle neck and cap to avoid a spilling on the plane. It does happen. I speak from experience.

Have a Safety Net

Quite literally you should not carry just one wig cap but two. Who knows, you might lose it with all the packing and unpacking or just damage it? Better safe than sorry. And wearing a wig without a cap is not good at all. I didn’t want to believe it but when you feel your hairline slipping away while you’re having a conversation you suddenly feel like wearing one of those toupees you swore had a life of their own when you secretly fixated them from afar.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Bobbypins can be lifesavers and can change your hairstyle just like with normal hair. To get them travel ready and avid losing them (though I feel like they want to get lost all the time), pack them in tiny plastic zipper bags (such as the ones you get extra buttons in when you buy blouses), a tic tac box or pin them onto a small cardboard cutout. For styling, always pack a wig suitable comb or brush and maybe even a travel sized straightener to get those fuzzy ends out, straighten your hair or get a curl back in. Just make sure the hair is up for that and in any case, always use low heat.

Do you Know how to Travel with a Wig?
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<h2>Unnecessary Baggage</h2>
<p>Don’t even think about taking scissors with you, specifically if you only have carry on luggage. You are on holiday or an epic explorer trip and should plan ahead to not fuss over the small details. If travel teaches you one thing it is to not take everything too seriously. You are awesome the way you are. Embrace it on each and every day (yes, also the bad hair days.) ‘Nuff said.</p>
<p>When you want to dry your wig, you could leave it dry naturally or pack a travel sized blow dryer in case you need it faster and want to style it. Never have it too hot and always move it around to avoid the artificial hair getting too hot. Best dry it on the portable stand or whatever it is you are using. But essentially a hair dryer is not necessary.</p>
<h2>Check the Weather</h2>
<p>If you don’t have to wear a wig every day, you might want to check the weather report because wearing one in super windy or hot and humid weather is dreadful. Are you going to get your hair wet during rainy days, a cruise or beach holiday? Are you going to be active? If you do want to wear it, make sure you secure it well. Does it secure with a headband only or have extra clips or clasps to attach to the wig cap? You want to look extra fabulous and not all mangled or short of hair during your trip so a quick weather check is vital.</p>
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Bonus: How to Travel with Braids

Braids are very different as you won’t take them off unless you are done or need them redone. On the plus side, you only need to wash your hair every week (or max every two weeks), which is such a big time saver until you realise that you need to wash row after row on your scalp, they hurt a lot when they are pulling you down when soaked with water and drying takes about 5-6 hours. But they protect your hair and make you look like an African Queen (so I’ve been told) or King.

To keep them looking mighty fine, carry a silk(y) scarf with you to use for your neck (otherwise prepare for frizziness) and to place on your sleeping pillow. Carry a medicinal and moisturizing spray and other hair care products you need with you in travel sized bottles (again, use cling foil) and don’t pull them too hard when you have to wrap up and unwrap yourself throughout the flying process. Aircons can be awful and you might already be stressed.

If you are carrying a backpack, make sure you pull up your hair to avoid getting caught in the straps and causing even more frizziness when you travel with a wig. However, don’t ever use a rubber band! Use a hair band with fabric around it or a smooth plastic band (even though they can be terribly annoying as they don’t stretch too well).

Tell me: Have you ever thought about going to travel with a wig?

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    • aui
    • 17/07/2016

    Nice blog. Thank you for sharing your travel tip for wig. I’ll make sure to pack it properly and put net on it.

    1. Reply

      Hi aui, thank you for your compliment. The net really helps so that it doesn’t tangle as much. I wish you lots of fun with your wig during your next trip!

    • Brynda Turner
    • 27/03/2017

    Thanks for the great tips! Yours is the only “wig travel” advice that came up on the net–guess a lot of people just wing it or don’t know the convenience of a good wig. Since I recently bought a couple of new wigs, I think I will put them back in their original packing box for my trip. I was most concerned about whether a synthetic wig would “fry” from the heat in the hold of the plane.

    1. Reply

      Hi Bryna, I am happy that I could help. I know what you mean, it was hard for me to find wig tips as well. So I had to write about it. I find that there is still a lot of apprehension when it comes to wearing wigs. As if they are not the most convenient thing to change your hair quickly or cover up a bad hair day! Ooh, I have never thought about the heat in the luggage compartment but then again, passengers have all their hygiene products there, so they couldn’t allow that. No one wants a gooey facial cream or exploded shampoo. If you are really concerned about the care of your wig, you can always pack wig spray/conditioner to keep it looking refreshed after a long flight and make it less frizzy.

    • Barbera Peters
    • 03/08/2017

    I just wanted to thank you for the great advice on how to take care of a wig while traveling. You made a great point on how important it is to bring portable plastic or wig holder so that the wig can maintain it’s shape and quality for every day use. It is easy to see why that would be essential knowledge for anyone that wears a wig. I will have to remember this when I look into getting wigs.

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