More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

It’s horror stories time! Just a few more sleeps and Halloween is knocking at your door, the gates to the otherworld will open wide and all kinds of creepies, undead and mischievous faeries will roam the earth! Muahahahaha. Anyway, to get you into the mood, here are some real life horror stories to teach you a lesson about safety – because you should always be careful – but also to get your creep on. Enjoy!

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

Tale 3 – Gumtree Might Be Your Worst Bet

I was looking for backpacker wanted ads on gum tree. If you didn’t know, gum tree is THE platform to search and find anything in Australia. But it’s also a playing ground for weird people, so you gotta be careful to avoid some actual horror stories.

I wanted to try the typical working holiday thing, moving on a farm or roadhouse. Add usual, I was too late and most jobs had already been snatched. However, I found one in a remote area in Queensland. Way way out. The job asked for “simple household work”.

I had no clue what that actually meant and called through. A timid woman answered and explained that I wouldn’t even need to do chores to get board and lodgings. All I would have to do is drive her son twice a day. I noticed she’s didn’t tell me why and where to.


So why could he not drive himself, I wanted to know. He head lost his license. How, I inquired. The police head taken it. I became suspicious. What was up with all the short answers? Well, he had been driving under the influence. Did he have a problem with alcohol, then? A long pause.

Was he an alcoholic? Yes, came the bushes answer. Was that a problem? Yes. Did he message a temper? Yes. By now her voice was super heard to hear. Where did he want to be driven to, work? No, only to town. It was the only place around with a pub. I had heard enough.

How could she send a young woman into the middle of nowhere to drive an alcoholic asked possibly abusive man around to fill up his levels of intoxication? She’s should be ashamed of herself. I know, she said almost sobbing. But I can at least hey. And with that she’s hung up. I felt sorry for the naive soul that agreed to this.

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

Tale 4 – Where No One Can Hear You Scream

A week after my gumtree episode I heard a story about what could happen and it sent chills all over my body. That could have been me! So there were two young girls on the lookout for a job in a remote area and they found a nice family on gumtree that wanted an au pair. Of course they only wanted one but after chatting to the nice pair, it was decided that the other friend would work in the house of the neighbours. So the girls practically stayed together while working different jobs in the outback.

Everything was settled and soon enough, the girls were picked up by the man of the house. On the phone he had been super nice and charming but during the long drive to Nowhere Land, he didn’t say a word, staying utterly silent even despite the girls’ attempts at small talk. He dropped of the friend at his neighbour’s house and took his new au pair back to his house. Turns out, being a neighbour in the outback didn’t mean being close in distance at all. There was still quite a ride left.

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

Back in the house, she was shown to her room in the first floor. And then, locked in. Her phone had no connection, the windows were nailed shut and the door remained closed. She had no clue what was going on but it was bloody scary! Over the next days, she had absolutely no contact whatsoever except with a little tray with food shoved underneath the door.

Luckily for her, a neighbour happened to come by one evening and saw light in her room. He was confused because he knew that there could not be anyone in there and had the foresight to investigate. He found the terrified girl locked inside and understood quickly. The next time he knew the couple was not in the house, he drove by and rescued her as well as her friend, taking them straight to the police. I believe, the couple was not caught. So you better be careful who you allow to take you into the outback to not end up in your own horror story.

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

Have you heard terrifying horror stories during your travels or even experienced them yourself? I would love it if I was not the only one sharing those. We all need to be better prepared so we can enjoy the trip even more!

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