Hong Kong Food You Need to Take a Bite Out Of

Hong Kong Food You Need to Take a Bite Out Of

At first it is difficult to know what Hong Kong food to look for. There is simply so much going on, so much to see, so many crowds to follow that one simply forgets to keep an eye out for restaurants. When the hunger becomes overwhelming the question is, where to go?

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Don’t Save in the Wrong Place

Hong Kong Food You Need to Take a Bite Out OfSure, McDonald’s has an insanely cheap burger menu on offer for just 21 HKD and instant noodles cost barely nothing with 3 HKD. But saving money on local food is really not a good idea, you will definitely miss out. The best option is to have a local friend show you the best places. If you don’t have one, no worries, that’s what I’m here for. So let me guide you.

First, pay a visit to the Lin Heung Tea House for a traditional Dim Sum (or lots of them). In the morning you will see an elderly clientele that will happily share stories about the good old times under whizzing ceiling fans and caged fake birds that area reminder of the days when people brought their pet birds with them for company. In the afternoon, the menu changes to a more modern selection as well as the thus targeted age group.

Tea Time Must Try

Hong Kong Food You Need to Take a Bite Out OfTo get your afternoon tea fix, you absolutely must try the Hong Kong speciality of Cream Tea and their version of French toast. The tea is comparable to British black tea with milk, but is so much better. The best can be found in Lan Fong Yuen. For those wanting to cook their own food, the Fresh Market is the place to be, where there is everything to be had from freshly butchered meat, over living frogs and dried fish to fermented eggs. A note of advice: One should definitely have a strong stomach coming here.

Those with a sweet tooth will find a lot to choose from in the many bakeries. Finds include green tea muffins, egg tarts and a variety of cakes. For the evening, try out the famous roasted duck and then drop into a sweets restaurant for a mango pudding with green tea jelly and other delicacies. The day is long and the sweets restaurant is a good place to catch up with friends or watch the daily Hong Kong life from up close.

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