The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)

Any true fan of the Upper East Side and its famous (fictitious) residents and xoxo stories will want to visit the Big Apple at least once in their life. After all, that is where all the Gossip Girl locations are – and they are not even that hard to find! So charge your metro card and let’s go on a DIY Gossip Girl tour around New York City!

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Grand Central Terminal

You could say the entire story and fateful set of events are kicked off with Van der Woodson’s return to NYC. And as glamorous as it-girl Serena has always been, she made quite the entrance. Of course, she tried to do it low-key and unannounced but Gossip Girl quickly alerted the entire city. (And in a twist of irony that’s also how Selena ended up in the end – with Gossip Girl.^^)

Address: 89 E 42nd Street

Central Park Skating

Remember that cute scene where Blair is skating on the ice rink in Central Park? Well, you can do that as well. Central Park has two ice skating rinks, so if you want the Gossip Girl location, opt for Wollman Rink.

Address: Enter the Park at 59th and 6th Avenue, or 59th and 5th Avenue
Hours: Mon & Tues 10AM- 2:30PM, Wed & Thu 10AM-10PM, Fri & Sat 10AM-11PM, Sun 10AM-9PM

Central Park Fountain

Confrontation and wedding bells! Both happened here in the fashionable series. Remember when Serena and Blair got into a big fight after the sudden return? And remember the rushed wedding between Blair and Chuck? Funny how the series goes full circle with this Gossip Girl filming location as well.

Address: Bethesda Terrace and Cherry Hill Fountain, 72 Terrace Dr, Central Park

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)

Central Park

Well, in general, you could have an entire Gossip Girl tour in NYC just in Central Park. So many scenes were filmed here! For instance, Nate and his father went jogging here multiple times. Serena and Blair took photos at Pulitzer Fountain and Dan met Georgina (in her false identity) at 106 Street and 5th Avenue. Gapstow Bridge was seen a couple of times, for instance during Dorota and BLair’s community service or duck feeding sessions. Hit up one of the many bridges and then gather your minions at Conservatory Waters. Seriously, there are so many opportunities to visit your favourite Gossip Girl locations and scenes.

St James’s Church

The first time the wedding bells (almost) ring for Blair is at St James’s. But alas, Gossip Girl speaks up and a distraught Blair pulls the disappearing act.

Address: 865 Madison Ave

The Plaza Hotel New York

If Blair had followed her own advice, we wouldn’t have had the wedding disaster just mentioned. It was in the Oak Room that she told Chuck she needed to end the relationship with the Prince.

Address: 768 5th Ave
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The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

Wedding bells definitely rang at this museum. It served as the venue for Lily Van der Woodsen and Bart Bass’s nuptials.

Address: 2 E 91st St (at 5th Ave)

Lincoln Center

For a little culture fix and to attend a ballet like the Gossip Girl crew, hit up Lincoln Center. It’s a good idea at any time.

Address: 10 Lincoln Center Plz

New York CityPASS

Oheka Castle Hotel & Estate

This is the Gossip Girl location for Blair’s visit to Tuscany. Psht, I won’t tell if you won’t. Xoxo

Address: 135 W Gate Drive, Huntington


This is where Jenny first presented her fashion design on Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion show and Serena showed it off with confidence.

Address: 130 Bowery (at Grand St.)

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)


New York Palace Hotel

Straight from the train station, we can assume Serena went home to her mother, Lily, who initially resided at the grand New York Palace Hotel. But not only the hotel exterior got some screen time, but also its on-site restaurant, the GILT. If you wanna get a taste, choose the same grilled cheese Serena ordered in Gossip Girl.

Address: 455 Madison Ave. (50th/51st Streets)

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The Milan Condominium

This is also where the Van der Woodsen home was filmed.

Address: 300 E 55th St


Even though Brooklyn was somewhat snubbed by the Upper East Siders, this is where a lot of Gossip Girl scenes were filmed. After all, this is where the Humphrey family resided and Dan’s father was quite the musician. It made total sense for him to live here. Also, seeing that the Humphrey loft was right next to DUMBO and the Brooklyn Bridge you could tell they weren’t so bad off either.
Affectionately known as the loft home of the Humphrey family – Dan, Jenny, and Rufus up until the third season, where Rufus moves in with Lilly. The loft is located almost directly under the Manhattan Bridge.

Address: 455 Water Street, Apartment #6, Brooklyn
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The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)

The Archibald Townhouse

As would be expected of a filthy rich dynasty, the Archibalds reside in a stately and impressive manor in the middle of New York. Get a photo of the exterior of this popular Gossip Girl New York location before moving on to a similar impressive building.

Address: 4 E 74th Street

Empire Hotel

It is one of Chuck Bass’s first investments and ways to try and impress his stern father. Of course, Blair supported him all the way and indeed Chuck Bass turns hotel owner at a very young age. The hotel in the series is a hotel in real life. So you could even book yourself into this Gossip Girl location!

Address: 44 West 63rd Street
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Sherry Netherland

If you are a fan of Georgina Sparks and her devious schemes, take a stroll down memory lane next to Sherry Netherland on 5th Avenue.

Address: 781 5th Ave
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The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)


Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is where Serena first tried to make amends with Blair, who was still mortally offended about her best friend’s sudden departure. The marble steps of the MET are an often seen Gossip Girl location, especially in early seasons as Blair holds court here. Her minion are always sitting a few steps below, at her feet, of course.

Address: 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
Hours: Sun-Thu 10AM-7:30PM, Fr-Sat 10AM-9PM

MET entrance is included in the CityPASS

Museum of the City of New York

This is where TV magic plays a big role as the Constance Billard School was not actually a school building. Instead the proper Gossip Girl location for the Upper East Sider’s education was played by the Museum of the City of New York. It served both as Constance Billard School for girls and St. Jude School for boys.

Address: 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St.
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 am-6pm

Synod of Bishops Russian Orthodox Church

While the exterior of the Museum of the City of New York featured as St. Jude, the interior was filmed at a church! To see why and marvel at its glamorous inside, visit Museum of the City of New York.

Address: 75 E 93rd St

Columbia University

Education never played a big part in Gossip Girl. School and university sites were more of a backdrop. The same goes for Columbia University, which Nate officially attended but was actually rarely seen in in season 3. The following season, this is where Blair and Serena are then living in as well.

Address: Broadway

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)


The Box

Remember the wild parties at The Victrola? The real world Gossip Girl location is found at The Box. Chuck certainly seemed to enjoy the burlesque shows.

Address: 189 Chrystie St (btwn Rivington & Stanton St)

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dan and Vanessa fans (as well as foodies) will circle Dylan’s Candy Bar in red on their maps. This shop not only serves over 5000 different kinds of candy, making it the largest candy store on earth. With its crazy colourful pop up installations and giant displays, you will easily feel like Wily Wonka might have had a hand in the design. (Fun fact: Ralph Lauren’s daughter opened that shop!) But it served as the Gossip Girl New York location for “Danessa” looking for a birthday gift for Nate. Nate certainly liked sweet things.

Address: 1011 3rd Ave

Erin McKenna’s Babycakes

A short but (literally) sweet scene was where Dan bumps into his love Serena and drops his yummy cake, saving Serena from being run over by a car. Always be careful of the traffic in NYC!

Address: 248 Broome Street (Orchard & Ludlow)
Hours: Sun-Mon 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Tues-Thurs 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fri-Sat 10 a.m.-11 p.m.

Barrio Chino

In one of the many instances in which Serena is caught drunk, the Gossip Girl location was set at Barrio Chino. Again, this is a scene were Serena and Dan have a (not so much) meet cute on Thanksgiving.

Address: 253 Broome Street

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)

Cafe Habana

What’s up with Dan and food places in Gossip Girl? Anyway, if you wanna grab a sandwich Dan Humphrey-style, check out Café Habana.

Address: 17 Prince Street (Elizabeth St)

The Russian Tea Room

It is quite hard to get in (and expensive, too), so make your reservations well in advance if you want to dine in style. Minus an arrest à la Serena, naturally.

Address: 150 West 57th Street

Butter Midtown

If you want to do it like Blair (though she certainly didn’t intend to), come and dine here alone.

Address: 70 W 45th St (6th Avenue)

The Campbell Apartment

For drinks like Serena and Nate, hit up the Campbell Apartment. Just don’t forget to dress up in style to make an entrance.

Address: 15 Vanderbilt Ave

King Cole Bar

If you believe Serena Van der Woodsen, you can get the best Red Snapper in New York City at the St. Regis’s King Cole Bar.

Address: 2 E 55th St

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)


Henri Bendel

If you are a sucker for the Gossip Girl fashion wardrobe, then you should know that Henri Bendel provided quite a lot of dresses and accessories for the show, such as Serena and Blair’s prom dresses. Not only that, but it served as one of the many Gossip Girl locations in which the Upper East side fashionistas spent their time.

Address: 712 Fifth Avenue

Tori Burch

Again part of the wardrobe and a Gossip Girl set location, Tori Burch makes an appearance. The designer herself did to, by the way.

Address: 257 Elizabeth Street

Vera Wang

Although neither Blair’s nor Serena’s wedding dresses were by Vera Wang, they did feature a store of the beloved wedding dress designer. This is the height of luxury!

Address: 991 Madison Ave

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)


Another high fashion designer, Missoni is another must visit, if only to somewhat feel like in the shos of your favourite Upper East siders.

Address: 1009 Madison Ave

More Designer Stores

For more of Blair Waldorf’s style, you should stop by Bergdorf’s and Barneys. For Chuck Bass-inspired look, stock up on fashion at Turnbull & Asser and Ralph Lauren for Nate’s look.

New York CityPASS

The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York Locations Guide (+ Video)


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    I love Gossip Girl (I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit) and this is a really comprehensive list of all the places you can visit. I’m actually surprised that the hotels like the Empire are real, for some reason I assumed they were made up. Same goes for Butter, where Blair and her friends like to hang out. I like that the show used real places as well as inventing its own. I was also surprised that their high school was filmed inside a museum, as it definitely looked like a school on the show!

    1. Reply

      Hi Kate! Haha, did you watch the entire series multiple times? I was surprised about the hotels, too. They really included the real NYC in there well. The school location was a bit disappointing though. That could have been a real place.

  2. Reply

    Your DIY Gossip Girl tour seems like a lot of fun. And for fans of the show, even more fun! I had no idea that there is a manor in the middle of New York! I would love to see that, since architecture always interests me most.

    1. Reply

      Hi Punita! It definitely was! I felt so giddy puting it together. The manor isn’t that big though. It is more like a townhouse, they just called it manor in the series.

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    Oh goodness, I’ve been living under a rock – I’ve never seen the show! However, I still want to go to all of these places. I love New York City – I’ve been 3 times, but there’s still so much more to see and you’ve given me some great ideas to plan my next trip!

    1. Reply

      Hi Lauren, haha, don’t worry. There are so many awesome TV shows out there. It’s easy to get lost an Gossip Girl isn’t for everyone. I’m glad you still got inspiration out of this post.

    • Archana Singh
    • 15/01/2018

    New York is one of my favourite cities in the world. Although I didn’t cover the city in Gossip girl style I pretty much did all the things mentioned by you. I really loved spending time at the central park and Grand Central Station.

    1. Reply

      Hi Archana, same here! NYC holds a special place in my heart. Central Park is just the best hangout spot in the city.

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