Crazy Travel Stories to Inspire Your Next Travels to Australia and New Zealand

And then I nearly drowned over the Great Barrier Reef…

Was left to dehydrate in the outback…

And was cast adrift.

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I sure have my fair share of crazy travel stories from Australia and New Zealand and they have only made it in pieces to the blog. Therefore, I decided to finally piece them all together and write them all down into one book. And it will be finally here in November (for all those travel addicts out there still looking for Christmas buys). You can preorder the ebook on Amazon already or wait until the hardcover comes out the same day, probably on the 23rd November. I’ll shoot you an email when it’s ready. Just sign up here.

So what’s the book about exactly?

I travelled Australia and New Zealand for eight months, crossed 12,446.76km, took eight flights to see as much s possible. Only a few areas outside of the main road system were left untouched by my me and my camera, but what I experienced, I experienced full on. You might have already realised it from my blog, I attract bad luck and weird people alike. So that left me with not only stunning photos to take home but travel stories that will leave you smirking or scratching your head (mostly at my stupidity).

Craziest Travel Stories

Learning to Fly in Rotorua – and then Dwarfing Again
My Island Life – Racing from Pigs and Kissing Ants’ Bottoms
The Day I Was Mistaken for a Celebrity at Melbourne’s Fashion Week
Driven over by Trucks and Circled by Bushfires

As always, these are true episodes that seem so impossible, you will think me positively mad (if you haven’t done so already). But the thing is: I didn’t ask for any of it. I am no daredevil or adrenaline junkie. I am a scaredy cow (who is in fact scared of cows – you’ll read a pretty good travel story as to why), I have a serious problem with germs (hostel horrors are real!) and I can be such an awkward introvert.

Crazy Travel Stories to Inspire Your Next Travels to Australia and New Zealand

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am your regular ordinary person doing extraordinary things. I wish.

I am just a little weirdo who stumbles from blunder to blunder (seriously, there must be some bad luck sticking to a crack in my backpack) but I am having the time of my life!

If you have wondered whether you should stop your hamster wheel for a minute and dive right into travel – if only for a few weeks. If you have ever wondered, what life at the other end of the world is like, what constant travellers actually do when everything is new and routine is utopia, then this book is for you.

If you want a good laugh at a real life comic, then this book is for you. (I have illustrations, too!)


Get the travel stories in book form written by Travel on the Brain - on Amazon

If you need a holiday read that takes your mind away to tropical beaches and dark jungles, then… you get the idea.

The book is in fact for YOU!

I wrote it to relive my adventures, yes, but most importantly I wanted to share them with you. If a dork like me can make it around the world in one piece after all this, then I believe anyone with a fierce determination, a massive travel bug and an ever so slight yearning for adventure can do it too!

It doesn’t have to be a nomadic life of travel. You don’t have to quit your job. But after reading this book, you have to do one thing: dream bigger, fight harder and start living the life you are meant for. Because travel will not take you there but it will slowly reveal the pieces in you that will. It’s cheesy but it’s true.

Pre-order it and get it at 50% off until Nov 15.

Get the travel stories in book form written by Travel on the Brain via Amazon

Buy the travel stories in book form on Amazon

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