Road Trip Day 4 – Insights at a Kangaroo Shelter

Have you ever been kissed by a baby kangaroo? I can proudly say that I was. It is the cutest thing ever. In Coober Pedy we got to see a kangaroo shelter where orphan or injured joeys, baby kangaroos, are brought and saved from the cold and starvation.

Road Trip Day 4 – Digging up the Dirt in Coober Pedy

Engines are roaring and hitting hard rock, grinding it out tirelessly while the dust and debris of rock is sucked out loudly, heating up the air around them in the cool new caves, digging further, digging wider. Once the the lines in the rocks were spotted, spreading thinly, indicating the desired object, the work continues […]

Road Trip Day 5 – Wood Gatherers and Salt Lake

The sun was blazing down hot and merciless on our hatless sweating bodies that were neither in the least ready nor prepared for this drastic change in temperature that was kicked up a notch after we had crossed the state line from Southern Australia to Northern Territory. Just a sign inbetween, and it seemed to […]

Road Trip Day 3 – Rumbling around Flinders Ranges

Early enough to blindly stumble through the dark to the breakfast tin shed and seeing the first sun rays slowly create a red band along the stretch of horizon, we made our way from Wilmington and out of Flinders. On our way back we got to know that these mountains are an impressive 600-700 mio […]

Road Trip Day 2 – Stumbling along the Grampians

Getting up with the dawn and onto the lawn we encountered a big family of furry jumpers. It had kangaroos of many sizes, ranging from a joey in a pouch over small ones and up to the huge male leader. Tiptoeing closer we could actually stand up to one metre in front of them before […]