Great Ocean Road Tour Day 2 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Waking up early, we started the day with an elaborate breakfast feast and headed out back to the 12 Apostles for another view at their beauty in a different light. Today, the mist had disappeared and instead we saw low hanging clouds that allowed for some stray […]

Great Ocean Road Tour Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Clouds rolling overhead and rain drops collecting on the windows, we were afraid the day would no longer be kind to us on our drive along the world famous Great Ocean Road with Groovy Grape Tours. And it had all started so well. Hot sunshine basked our […]

Road Trip Day 6 – Seeing Thousands of Stones in Kata Tjuta

Valley of the Winds, what a beautiful name and what an overpoweringly remarkable place as well. Just seeing from afar the huge round mountain range you can have no clue of what lies in store. Coming closer you get a sense of its enormity and suddenly you feel much smaller.

Road Trip Day 15 – Lovely Litchfield National Park

I feel like Rerun from the Peanuts. You know the dirty one with the flies buzzing around him all the time. Even when they try to wash him, he instantly returns to his old state. That’s how I feel. Even after coming out of the shower or swimming pools do I feel dirty. It is […]

Another Day with Parasites

I am really surprised that insects over here have not bugged me too much as of yet. I only got a couple of bites compared to me in Europe covered all over in stinging red blotches. What a nice change. They keep increasing, though, the more I stay up to write this. The “parasites” I […]

Road Trip Day 14 – Hello again, Kakadu

Having survived the nightly wallaby gang roundup, I woke up still sleepy for the next exploration around wonderful Kakadu. My tiredness certainly didn’t help clumbering up the rocky and nearly nonexistent path up to Gunlom Falls. Had I known what was in store, I would have quickened my pace. But that wouldn’t have been a […]

Road Trip Day 13 – Can Do in Kakadu

New tour, new guide and yet again I left the city to set foot in the outback and this time crocodiles in billabongs were our companions. First thing we did accordingly was to set off on a boat tour in the Rockhole, a part of Mary River. This is the place that has the highest […]

Road Trip Day 12 – Gorgeous Katherine Gorge

Even with my hat on did the sun shine relentless onto me while I was exploring Katherine Gorge with the tour guide and a fellow group member. All the others were out there canoeing and splashing in the water while we tough ones made for mounting the steep cliff stairs and getting a good bird’s […]

Stealing My Wallaby Kisses from You

At our latest camp near Katherine, we again had to sleep outside in swags. This time, however, I did mind because where there was nice and soft sand before there were now stones, poky branches and lots of brittle leaves. As if that was not uncomfortable enough impervious wallabies were known to pester sleepers at […]

Road Trip Day 11 – Stuart Highway Continued

Have you ever had breakfast on a veranda with a panoramic view of bands of red and yellow slowly tinting the transition between still dark countryside and ink blue night sky with glistening stars overhead? Or have a tree full of parrots come to live and like an orchestra practice a few notes before bursting […]

Road Trip Day 10 – Dealing with the Devils Marbles

After hours driving along Stuart Highway and stopping at quirky roadhouses, we reached our target destination: the Devils Marbles or Karlu Karlu. They are all over the countryside. I anticipated a single patch of a handful of huge round boulders piled on top of another, looking stunning. What we got instead was the whole area […]

Road Trip Day 10 – Racing along Stuart Highway

Yet again we crossed a border and suddenly left the temperate climate behind. Entering the tropical climate took just one step. Man, it was hot all of a sudden. No, just kidding, it was freezing. On our first stop after leaving Alice Springs we saw the marking of the Tropic of Capricorn, a tower statue […]

Road Trip Day 9 – Alice Springs

Between my tours I had a day off at desert town Alice Springs (which is yet again not really in a desert since there is water underground) and I made a little walking tour of it with two of my tour co-tourists. Along the dried up riverbeds we walked wondering how on earth boat races […]

Road Trip Day 8 – Falling Deep in Love With Kings Canyon

Rising early has become a standard thing and you think that I should by now be used to waking up before the sun and into a cool night with stars twinkling overhead and racing towards the first rays of red light. Nope, that is definitely not the case. Even though it feels increasingly cold in […]

Day 7 – Ayers Rock the Aweinspiring, Magnificent, Unsurpassed…

… Spectacular and Glorious were just some of the superlatives we brainstormed, inspired by our three hour walk around the base of the aboriginal culture’s natural mega monument. There is no vocabulary on earth that can give proper credit and a sufficient description to this enormous, beautiful stone in the middle of the Australian grassland […]

Road Trip Day 5 – Getting My Swag on

Camping underneath the stars, the ultimate Australian experience. Or so I’ve been told. Well, I thought I’d give it a try – plus, I didn’t have much of a chance since it was included in the tour I booked, but just forget that I mentioned that. Why go to a different country if you stay […]