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How to Hike to Taupo’s Huka Falls

Cloak, that is what gave the city Taupo its name. It is based on a Maori story about a chief who discovered this lake and was reminded by the cliffs of the cloak he wore. The, however, he was tricked by another newcomer, thinking he wasn’t the first to venture into this area and left, […]


Rotten Eggs, Ziplining in Rotorua and a Real Maori Village (All Good Reasons to Visit)

The Maori village of Wakarewarewa in Rotorua

Call me adrenaline junkie (which I am usually far from) because I went for a walk up in the trees and climbed a wall, both about 20 metres in height, in Rotoura in one day. I am mighty proud of myself after this.


Rainy Days in Hamilton

Why on earth did I think it was a good idea to come to Hamilton. A fellow traveller suggested I should visit since it looked “rather beautiful”. This small, rather boring town is actually New Zealand’s fourth largest city and apparently one of the greenest, too. It is a metropolis (which doesn’t show), actually and […]


Silly Travel Anecdote: Auckland

Here is another of my silly little anecdotes. This time it is from the chilly Auckland, which, apparently enjoys the warmest winter in forever (well, technically it is 140 years of record ). But what do I do? Freeze. All. The. Time. So much so, that I had to buy a new coat (despite my […]