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Essential Saving Tips for Backpacking New Zealand

So you want to go backpacking New Zealand, the land of Middle Earth, pardon, New Zealand, do you? Well, that’s perfect because this country is a backpacker heaven. So many backpackers come here on a regular basis, there have been a lot of adaptations made for their comfort. For instance, travelling by bus is comparatively […]


2 Weeks in Japan – Where to Go, What to See

Japan is a magical place and is full to the brim with gems, such as delectable Japanese cuisine, entertainment and enchanting places. So if you are planning your Japan 2 week itinerary, here are the must see places so you can easily cover Japan in two weeks.


These Are the Must Sees for Any Japan 3 Week Itinerary

Visiting Japan for only a few days might leave you feeling like you haven’t seen nearly enough. There is so much to discover, so much food to try and so many places that will leave you in awe – Japan really has this overwhelming effect like no other country I have visited before. Therefore, I […]


Bali Day of Silence – What you Need to Know about Nyepi

Bali Day of Silence - What you Need to Know about Nyepi

Once a year in Bali, the day of silence is honoured. It is called Nyepi and it marks the start of the Balinese new year. Should you be on Bali during that time, you really need to take extra care to be respectful of this sacred tradition to not be incredibly rude and to not […]