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One Year of Travel in Videos – 2016 Recap || Part 2

One Year of Travel - 2016 Recap

Can there ever be enough travel in one year? I didn’t use to think so but travel fatigue is a serious thing (travel burnout even more so). So that’s why I started slowing down in 2016, but still incorporated many trips into my months. If you haven’t seen it yet, start with the first part […]


Must-Visit Sustainable Hotel in Lisbon – Keep your Conscience Clean and Mind Refreshed | Sponsored

Inspira Santa Marta in Lisbon - A Sustainable Hotel // Review

When I travel for longer, I take some time off to just kick back and relax after all the sightseeing, hiking and getting lost-ing. After spending a week in the wonderfully vibrant city of Lisbon it was that time for me again and I was super happy to be invited by Inspira Santa Marta to […]


How (Not) to Celebrate the New Year in Lisbon [A Diary]

11:00 Let’s get the last day of the year started by celebrating the New Year in Lisbon! Waking up late cause it will make 2016 pass by even quicker. Whatever was this year?! Might as well keep my eyes closed.