Leaving Dublin behind for a Good Reason

This article is part of my Let’s Explore Europe series in which I am recounting my various travels throughout the continent, throughout cities and countries, inspiring you to discover the world one place at a time and maybe giving you some ideas as to your own upcoming holiday planning. Dublin is an amazing city! I […]

Quick Barcelona Travel Guide

I can still hear the voices of the busy streets filled with cars slowly making their way through jam-packed traffic past chatting neighbours standing next to excited tourists, trying to drown out the yells of the hawkers. Kids chasing each other across the cobblestones and swirling around painted street artist mimicking statues. All of that, […]

Discovering The Past in Today’s Food in Sicily

It’s story telling time! Whenever I am on the road, travelling to foreign places, gaining new cultural experiences and tasting different dishes, I also like to pick up some anecdotes and random facts here and there. So, today I will rack my brains remembering knowledge snippets from my trip to Sicily – and most gladly […]

Why You Absolutely Cannot Ignore Cyprus Cuisine

A little island filled with rugged mountains and olive trees on their sunbathed slopes right in the azure blue Mediterranean sea, Cyprus is truly a feast for the eyes. But the actual feast is for your belly. I seriously have never had a more elaborate foodie travel experience than in this small European country. So […]

Why You Will Love Lapland At First Glance

Why You Will Love Lapland At First Glance

My absolute best holiday ever! Never mind the cold, I love snow and the experiences I had in just a short week felt like a whole month fully packed with sheer awesomeness. But before I get ahead of myself, I want to take you to a holiday in the cold. And trust me, you won’t […]

16 European Cities You Must Put on Your Bucketlist

16 European Places You Must Put on Your Bucketlist

The first half of my year travelling the world solo has been such a ride and I have been asked a lot about where I have been before that, which places I can recommend and generally lots of travel related questions. Being European that seemed so exotic to many people I’ve met from Australia and […]

10 Reasons You Should be Planning Your Lapland Adventure Now

10 Unmissable Reasons to Visit Lapland this Year

While the sun is warming up the air down here in Australia and the air conditioned shopping malls blast forth Christmas music, I am missing the cold and crisp air with the promise of snow. There won’t be any this year for me. Therefore, you will find me donning a Christmas hat and heating up […]

How to Get Into the German Christmas Mood – 5 Steps

Christmas isn’t the same all over the world, there are different traditions and customs. So what’s German Christmas like and how do Germans get into the Christmas Mood? Here are the top five ways to celebrate the holiday the German way.

A Remarkable Competition for the Alps

Let me just stand here in complete awe for a while, I am taking in the splendid view of the absolutely correctly named mountain range called The Remarkables. This area around them has it all and has to be on your bucket list. If you don’t have one yet, write it just for this place. […]

This Is the Worst Time to Visit Paris in Spring

This Is the Worst Time to Visit Paris in Spring

Paris is always a good idea? Well, I found out otherwise. Especially for a visit to Paris in Spring. Spring might be a perfect time to visit but the Easter weekend is the absolute worst time to come over. Be warned when you visit Paris in spring! It seemed that everyone else thought it was […]