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Which Restaurant in Erfurt To Hit Up – Best Foodie Hot Spots // Sponsored

Erfurt Foodie Hotspots for True Thuringian Cuisine // Sponsored

I come from an apparently rather obscure little (actually quite decent sized for German standards) state in Germany called Thuringia. We used to be trending in the 1900s but now whenever I travel I have to give a quick geography lesson. So maybe its excellent hearty German cuisine will put it on the map? Ever […]


Feasting on German Potato Dumplings at the Thüringer Kloßwelt Museum // Sponsored

Feasting on German Potato Dumplings at Thüringer Kloßwelt

Let’s make one thing clear from the start: German potato dumplings are the best thing in the world! If you haven’t had any yet or think they are anything like Chinese or Japanese or whatever other dumpling, drop that thought immediately. Back up slowly, raise your hands and freeze. This is not a drill. I […]


15 Things to Do in Sibiu Romania // Ad

15 Things to Do in Sibiu Romania

If you are staying in Bucharest for a few days and want to visit Romania and its cute towns, schedule in a day trip a few hours up North. There are plenty of things to do in Sibiu. The town might seem small and can easily be discovered in a day. However, if you truly […]


5 Reasons to Visit Bucovina Romania – Daily Easter & Painted Churches // Ad

5 Reasons to Visit Bucovina Romania – Where Easter is Every Day and Churches Painted // Ad

Romania is still quite the underrated European destination but wait a few years and more people who want to travel the Balkans will have discovered its unique charms. An especially gem packed location is Bucovina Romania, up North in Romania. For such a small region, it packs a punch and when it comes to traditional […]