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Your Quick Guide to Travelling with the Deutsche Bahn – It’s Trickier than You Think

If you have been around Germans for a while you would know that our favourite pastime is not train watching like the Japanese, but to complain. And complaining about trains is high on that list. In Germany, we have one major company providing train services and you will not get around using them if you […]


30 German Castles You Probably Didn’t Know about but Should

One thing that most tourists to Germany want to see is Schloss Neuschwanstein. While it is pretty, has another castle right next to it as well as stunning scenery, it isn’t the only castle worth a visit. I have travelled quite a lot in my country and want to show you some castles I have […]


Hearty, not Healthy – How Czech Food Won Me Over // Sponsored

Hearty, not Healthy – How Czech Food Won Me Over

Confession time: I love unhealthy food. Well, maybe this isn’t such a big confession but after my year of travelling I seriously craved the big savoury German cuisine and dug right in into potato dumplings, lots of gravy and big meat dishes. Since I had been invited to the Czech Republic by Czech Tourism and […]


Active in the Bohemian Forest – Bikes, Boats and Best Ofs // Sponsored

I had done it again; gotten terribly lost. That is not an uncommon thing for me but being left behind in the Bohemian Forest and not sure which path to take after my group left or a scheduled ferry transfer did not create the best feeling in the world. Getting Lost in the Woods This […]