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Don’t Miss these Outdoor Adventures in the Harz, Germany // Sponsored

I was supposed to jump down THERE? Half an hour ago I had been all cocky and thought it wasn’t so bad. But now that I was supposed to take the leap of faith during the first of my many outdoor adventures on this press trip, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. I […]


When Travels Go Wrong – Major Freak Out

This what happens when everything goes wrong when you travel. You May Freak Out Now. But it's never as bad as it seems. Click to find out more.

Great, a gate in my face. And it was locked. Of course. Just when I realised I had forgotten my railpass in my hotel, had to catch a train in 20 minutes and was at the other end of town without wifi and a sim card that would not charge me horrendous fees for calling […]


The England Literary Tour You Must Take this Year // Sponsored

The England Literary Tour You Must Take this Year if you like Shakespeare, Jane Austen and the Brontë Sisters.

This year is epic! Reason #1: you still have time to tick off your dream bucketlist destination. And no excuses! (Read my tips for scoring affordable last minute trips or how to find the cheapest flights.) Reason #2: if you’re a literature nerd like me, you’ll celebrate the anniversary of Shakespeare, Jane Austen’s Emma and […]


Brexit & Travel – What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

Brexit and Travel - What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

So Britain is out. Not sure we can call it Great Britain much longer seeing the new probabilities of Scotland and Northern Ireland wanting to become independent now more than ever. Political impact aside, what does this mean for us travellers? Or more specifically, what does it mean for British travellers and expats? Brexit and […]