Rock Patrol Tour Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored. Continuing my adventures with Groovy Grape Tours, I hopped on a bus called Watto (a name known to all Star Wars fans as young Anakin’s boss/slave driver) and set out on the Rock Patrol Tour, which I had already been on two months ago, and was curious what changes in weather […]

Hitting the Road in Australia? Brush up on Your Road Etiquette!

Master Your Australian Road Trip with these Simple Unspoken Rules

Are you planning an Australian road trip? Australia basically screams for long drives and road trips. But even so, it’s not as easy as pie in such a vast and dangerous country as Australia. While keeping in mind the essentials, such as having enough fuel, supplies and staying on the roads, there is a little […]

Did You Know about Kangaroo Island that…?

Scoring Number Three Kangaroo Island holds two third places at the same time. Firstly, it is the third largest island of Australia. Secondly, it is home to the third largest sea lion colony in Australia. Scoring Number One In Australia there is no ferry that has higher prices per kilometer than the ferry connecting the […]

Kangaroo Island Day 2 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. What a perfect day to explore the grand landscapes of West Kangaroo Island. We enjoyed our breakfast on a farm with chicken searching for possible food crumbs to our feet and a lazy dog basking on the grass while sheep grazed in the distance. Our first stop […]

Kangaroo Island Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored. This post was sponsored. “Kangaroo Island is like Australia in a nutshell.” I am not quite sure I can agree with that since the third largest island of the country has so many unique features and should be viewed as its own entitiy. Also, the comment has an underlying tone of […]

A Wine Tour de Force in Barrossa Valley with Groovy Grape Tours

This blog post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Call me a wine expert now. After a full day driving from vineyard to cellar door listening to expert talk on the subject of wines and wine making, I feel that I should have remembered a fraction to share with you wine connoisseurs so that you […]

Your Ultimate Great Ocean Road Drive – Stops, Tips and Timings

Your Ultimate Great Ocean Road Drive – Stops, Tips and Timings

Ah, the Great Ocean Road drive! Impressive limestone boulders rising up from the raging sea, protruding out along the rugged coastline like warning fingers, the 12 Apostles are a sure tourist magnet for every Great Ocean Road drive. Everyone flocks to this beautiful scenery to get a glimpse of what is one of the most […]

Great Ocean Road Tour Day 3 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Like tree bark creaking in the wind, the cries of the red headed Gang Gang welcomed us on our morning hike up the Grampians. Over rocks and stones we clumbered, holding on tightly to odd shaped formations and finding a grip in small crevasses while we were […]

Great Ocean Road Tour Day 2 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Waking up early, we started the day with an elaborate breakfast feast and headed out back to the 12 Apostles for another view at their beauty in a different light. Today, the mist had disappeared and instead we saw low hanging clouds that allowed for some stray […]

5 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know about Australian Animals

Kangaroos are Breeding Machines This is really weird but female kangaroos are constantly pregnant. Unless they are in a severely life threatening situation for a period of time, such as droughts, they have a joey outside their pouch, in their pouch and an embryo waiting in line. I think this would have been Queen Victoria’s […]

Great Ocean Road Tour Day 1 with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Clouds rolling overhead and rain drops collecting on the windows, we were afraid the day would no longer be kind to us on our drive along the world famous Great Ocean Road with Groovy Grape Tours. And it had all started so well. Hot sunshine basked our […]

Road Trip Day 6 – Seeing Thousands of Stones in Kata Tjuta

Valley of the Winds, what a beautiful name and what an overpoweringly remarkable place as well. Just seeing from afar the huge round mountain range you can have no clue of what lies in store. Coming closer you get a sense of its enormity and suddenly you feel much smaller.

Stay Alive and Know This about Going Camping in the Australian Outback

I am far from an experienced camper. To be honest, my tour through the heartland of OZ was the first ever real camping experience for me but because of this I feel that I can share my findings with other likewise inexperienced travellers so as to prepare them for what is involved. So here’s what […]

Road Trip Day 15 – Lovely Litchfield National Park

I feel like Rerun from the Peanuts. You know the dirty one with the flies buzzing around him all the time. Even when they try to wash him, he instantly returns to his old state. That’s how I feel. Even after coming out of the shower or swimming pools do I feel dirty. It is […]

Another Day with Parasites

I am really surprised that insects over here have not bugged me too much as of yet. I only got a couple of bites compared to me in Europe covered all over in stinging red blotches. What a nice change. They keep increasing, though, the more I stay up to write this. The “parasites” I […]

Road Trip Day 14 – Hello again, Kakadu

Having survived the nightly wallaby gang roundup, I woke up still sleepy for the next exploration around wonderful Kakadu. My tiredness certainly didn’t help clumbering up the rocky and nearly nonexistent path up to Gunlom Falls. Had I known what was in store, I would have quickened my pace. But that wouldn’t have been a […]