Where to See the Famous Kangaroo Beach + lots of hiking and a VIDEO!

Where Is the Famous Kangaroo Beach?
Nullarbor Traveller Day 7 + 8

This post was sponsored. Since we received favouring tailwinds, we made it to Cape LeGrand National Park by afternoon on my tour with Nullarbor Traveller. Arriving after dark is not unusual and so we were indeed lucky and seized the beautiful day to relax on the beach. Donning our best beach wear we walked out […]

Where to Swim with Giant Tuna. I found a very pretty spot on my #sponsored Nullarbor Traveller Tour in Australia

Where to Swim with Giant Tuna
Nullarbor Traveller Tour Day 3 + 4

This post about Nullarbor Traveller was sponsored. On this cloudy day, we headed over to watch the wind tear up the ocean and send enormous waves crashing against the shore. The spot we picked for starters was a memorial for a nun that had been washed away by a king wave when she stood on […]

The Eyre Peninsula – From Red Rocks to White Lakes

This post was sponsored. Waving goodbye to my latest group, I joined the private Xplore Eyre luxury tour by Australian Wildlife Adventures together with another member of our former group to discover all that the peninsula has to offer. And it had a lot to offer, which we would see in the following two days.

How to Spend a Day Doing Nothing in Hobart

One of the greatest art museums in Australia! I love art but today I couldn’t be fazed. There were other museums in the city worth exploring but again, not this time. So what would I do during a mood that made me want to shun the major sites and touristy must sees? I just did […]

A day trip to Launceston in Tasmania

The last time I felt this exhausted from my travels was on my last day in New Zealand when I miraculously managed to climb up the lookout over Queenstown, which took me two hours instead of the normal 30 minutes. But I wanted to see Launceston (plus, my room wasn’t ready yet) and so I […]

Up in the Clouds with Jumptours

This post was sponsored. It was nice to sleep in for a change. Look how far I’ve come when I, a die hard long sleeper, think it is sleeping in to awake at 8 am. Formerly that would have been correct at 10am. But there you go. Travel changes everything.

On Fire in Tasmania with Jumptours

This post was sponsored. New Zealand! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Still insanely sleepy as of lately, which wasn’t aided by the fact that I had basically not slept the previous night and only gotten scraps of naps inbetween making the situation worse and my body strangely sore, I blinked repeatedly to get my brain […]

Melbourne’s Highlights for the Uninitiated

I have been asked a lot where I live. For a while I put up station in the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne in Australia. I lived here on and off, somehow the city always seemed to pull me back with its amazing foodie hot spots and constant events. There certainly is no reason to […]

Colour me Artsy – Graffiti in Melbourne

Anyone know what Melbourne is famous for? Being awarded the title “most liveable city “? Yes. The most European flair in Australia? Also yes. An eclectic cityscape that merges old with new architecture? Yes again. But apart from all that? What is one of the most visited part in the capital of Victoria? Let me […]

The Mornington Peninsula with Its Strawberries and Enchanted Mazes

This post was sponsored. Where the grass is greener in Australia that’s where I went on my sponsored trip with Bunyip Tours. The Mornington Peninsula is just an hour’s drive away off the city of Melbourne and a whole different place it is. Away from the hustle and bustle of the grey city, surrounded by […]

28 Epic Places You Absolutely Must see in Australia

28 Epic Places You Absolutely Must see in Australia

Deep down at the far end of the world lies a continent that is so vast and dry, it is a wonder in itself how the diversity and beauty that is hidden in every corner has evolved. From lush rainforests to the largest coral reef system and dusty deserts, Australia has it all. And the […]

The Place Australians Don't Want You to Know About

The Magical Place Australians Don’t Want You to Know About

This post was sponsored. I absolutely cannot believe it. I saw my very first, very much wild echidna! It was just sitting there by the road. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop my sponsored trip with Bunyip Tours bus but I saw it and now I’ll tell the world! The last time I had the chance to […]

Close to Nature in Airlie Beach Conway National Park

Airlie Beach is not such a busy town that a getaway is absolutely necessary but a trip outside into the quiet realms of the rainforest, swamps and mangrove forests is a definite must see for all nature lovers. Different walking tracks will lead you around the tip of Airlie Beach and information boards inform about […]