What Happens when a Foodie goes to Nagano

I bet you’ve already got the message, being a foodie in Japan is da bomb. So much yumminess on every corner and even if you don’t know what the dish actually includes and how to pronounce the name, there are pictures for clueless tourists everywhere. So, grab your chopstick and head over to Nagano, the […]

You Should Know this before Backpacking Japan

I thought backpacking Japan would go just as smoothly as in New Zealand. Just going with the flow and see how it goes. Well, that might not have been the best idea in retrospect. Most of the time I am utterly confused and my favourite line that haunts my thoughts is “I just don’t know… […]

The First Thing You Should Do when You Arrive in Osaka (my kind of foodie welcome and the best sunset viewing platform)

The First Thing You Should Do when You Arrive in Osaka

I had prepared a screenshot of my map that would lead me from the central bus stop at the Umeda building to the central station. Upon taking a second look, it seemed amazingly far away and with my backpack that magically seemed to gain weight (but I had just sent away 2 kg!), I decided […]

Tokyo's Cherry Blossoms 3

The Top 10 Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo You Can’t Miss

So I missed it by a day, but that does not mean that I completely failed my mission of chasing down the sakura and doing some cherry blossom watching. I located the best places to admire the splendour of the hundreds and thousands of cherry trees in full bloom. If you ever get to Tokyo […]

What is Anime Japan like? At the Biggest Anime Convention in Tokyo

Boarding a steel grey train, I exited the Tokyo world of neon lights and busy streets and flew away into a futuristic world full of staggering high rise constructions with gaping holes and an odd metal ball in their middle, massive lean bridges and broad alleys surrounded by geometrically shaped hedges that provided the only […]

Watch out, the uber Otaku is Here

I am talking about me, of course. If you didn’t know, an *otaku is generally referred to as a super anime/manga fan (but don’t mention that to Japanese people because it means more of a weirdo dorky nerd person to them). Maybe it’s an old-school term, which might very well be true judging by the […]

Where Food Heaven is Just around the Corner

I have never had Japanese food in my life. Unless, of course, you count that one time I had vegetarian sushi in a Chinese restaurant in Sweden where I had to use chopsticks and became the centre of general amusement. And now I am in Japan. Being a self proclaimed foodie and getting giddy at […]

Going Political with Colourful Trips in Canberra

This post was sponsored. The big question to you. What’s Australia’s capital? Well? Well?! Nope, not Sydney. Neither is it Melbourne. It is the probably most unbeloved city in all of the country, Canberra. I have not heard one Australian speak well of it. Except maybe my tour guide. So why did I want to […]

Hiking Australia’s Blue Mountains with Colourful Trips

This post was sponsored. I still remember the artistic device that is often utilised when depicting fading landscapes, mountains in particular. The colours are becoming more faint and taking on blue hues. Our teacher called this ‘blueing of the landscape’. The famous blue mountains near Sydney have coincidentally named according to such a phenomenon and […]

Where the Sand Turns to Towers with Aussie Wanderer

This post was sponsored. Not long after having arrived in Perth did I already start packing my bags again for a trip thanks toAussie Wanderer and I packed everything that wasn’t even remotely suited for 40°C weather pushed way down in my backpacker. I was going up North and the thermometer would rise with each […]

Where We Escaped to after the Bush Fires in Australia

What Happened after We Escaped Bush Fires
Nullarbor Traveller Day 11 and 12

This post about Nullarbor Traveller was sponsored. The last two days there were no hikes whatsoever, it was all culinary and sensory experiences as well as beaches. After escaping the bush fires, we had a pretty nice end to an awesome tour with Nullarbor Traveller, but it’s not over yet until I’ve told you all […]