Silly Travel Anecdote: Auckland

Here is another of my silly little anecdotes. This time it is from the chilly Auckland, which, apparently enjoys the warmest winter in forever (well, technically it is 140 years of record ). But what do I do? Freeze. All. The. Time. So much so, that I had to buy a new coat (despite my […]

Mountain Climbing and Island Hopping

Having shaken off the jetlag, I made my way around Auckland some more and went up Mt Eden, which is completely made up of volcanic stone and offers a spectacular view over Auckland. You can see far and wide and have the breeze brush your face and listen to the leaves rustle on the tropical […]

8 Essential Hong Kong Tips You Need to Know in Advance

8 Essential Hong Kong Tips You Need to Know in Advance

Hong Kong is a very easy country to travel around. It’s friendly, it’s not confusing and it’s very pleasant. However, there are still things and tips I want to tell you about to be super prepared. It just makes the whole process smoother and you can focus on what you came to do: sightseeing and […]

Travel stories from Hong Kong - a land of fog and shining sun

Stories from the Land of Fog and Shining Sun

Ni Hao! What a day! I experienced everything from pouring rain to brooding sunshine and swirling mist and this in cozy, sticky 31°C with loooots of humidity. Add to this endless walks up and down. Well, if anyone wants to lose some weight, I guess that would be a way to do it. Jokes aside, […]