Solo Travel for Beginners – The Top Five Countries You Need to Know

“Wait, you are going to [insert country]? By yourself? Solo travel?? Ooooh, just be careful. Don’t get kidnapped, don’t leave the house at night and don’t look at people strange.” Jep, that is advice I got and you know what. I didn’t list to any of it. And you know what else? I am fine. […]

The Most Essential Saving Tips You’ll Need for Backpacking New Zealand

So you want to go backpacking New Zealand, the land of Middle Earth, pardon, New Zealand, do you? Well, that’s perfect because this country is a backpacker heaven. So many backpackers come here on a regular basis, there have been a lot of adaptations made for their comfort. For instance, travelling by bus is comparatively […]

What to Visit in Taupo

Taupo is a picturesque town situated by the lake of the same name, which s Maori for ‘cloak’. It was given to this place when a mighty chief discovered the lake and mountains for the first time and was instantly reminded of the cloak he wore.

Pictures Galore: New Zealand Pt.2

Finally, here is the second part of my photo journal of New Zealand’s of-so-pretty South. Just click here to get to the gallery. Endlich ist mein zweiter Teil meines Fotojournals von Neuseelands superschöner Südinsel da. Hier geht es zur Gallerie.

Wanderings in Wanaka

I always thought that symbolist paintings of landscapes were a tad over the top unreal, which was, of course, partly what they intended as opposed to, say, naturalists. Especially the rugged mountains in stark blue and green tones seemed extreme. Having been to Wanaka, I can now safely say, that symbolist paintings are quite realistic, […]

Creeping around Christchurch

Before I start, let me just say I had only one hour to do all my bookings for the South Island. And because of that I didn’t realize that I would literally just stay in Christchurch for the night. When I arrived, it was already 7pm and I was leaving at 8am when the sun […]

Watching in Kaikoura

While I am typing this in the living room of the YHA, I can see the ocean brushing against the shore, trying to climb onto the road, falling and falling back, while the imperial mountains with their white cloaks on the far silently watch the scene and probably little old me, too. Out of principle […]

Blenheim the Boring

When I was writing about the dullness of Hamilton, I hadn’t been to Blenheim. On a scale from boring to attractive, Blenheim would be super boring. There are tons of signs telling you about its diverse history. That’s fine if you are a history nerd or student trying to prepare for a local town tale […]

The Grip of Flu

I saw it coming, I was wondering why it took me so long to fall sick. I mean, I totally underestimated the kiwi weather and was freezing a lot and had a climate shock coming from a tropical climate straight into wet winter. On top of that I was running out in the open all […]

Melbourne – A Hipster’s Paradise

Have you ever wondered where the perfect combination of urban art, fancy cafés and hip stores could be found? Melbourne would definitely qualify. To be honest, I have not seen as much of it as I should have (slowly does it), but the glimpses I have caught so far are extremely promising.

Saturday Night Lights Come Alive

Sleepless in Wellington wouldn’t be so bad. It really is a magical place at night with all the lights booming across the bays, dancing in the harbour and illuminating fountains and artworks along the promenade. To show the beauty of this, I have made a small selection of photos (the first one was actually taken […]

Bestest Wellington

Everything about it was good. Barbara Anderson – The Girls It seems like I have to make a decision now. Which city do I like best: Rotorua or Wellington? After all, New Zealand’s capital is simply great. Take for instance a comparison with Auckland: Auckland is big, hilly and boring, while Wellington is higher, surrounded […]

The Best Wellington Hiking Trail

Standing on a mountain ridge, gazing at both the North and South coast of New Zealand and watching the clouds whisk by over my head, that’s when you feel on top of the world. Now I see why the Maori called this country Aotearoa, the Land of the Big White Cloud. From up here it […]

The Tribe Locations in Wellington – A Fan Girl’s Dream Kept Alive

Here is another reason I simply HAVE to love Wellington: It is home to the bestest (and costume craziest) TV series, which happens to be my favourite and which also happens to be unknown to every person I have met so far. Never mind, I had fun hunting down all the The Tribe locations in […]

Real Middle Earth

I’m going back to the earth Jason Mraz – Back to The Earth Unfortunately, I don’t have a car and rely on public transport and my own feet to get to places. Public transport is not too extended in New Zealand and my feet can only take me so far (did I mention that I […]

Life Vintage Style

Did you know that Napier is called the Art Deco Capital? Can you guess the reason? Jep, everything here is completely devoted to the style of art deco. The predominant architectural style is art deco and can be found all over the city, not only in the city centre with its promenades lined with pretty […]