More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

It’s horror stories time! Just a few more sleeps and Halloween is knocking at your door, the gates to the otherworld will open wide and all kinds of creepies, undead and mischievous faeries will roam the earth! Muahahahaha. Anyway, to get you into the mood, here are some real life horror stories to teach you […]

Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback - Are you scared yet?

Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

Halloween is coming soon and I thought what would be more fitting than to combine scary and travel stuff and tell you gruesome horror stories from my time in the Australian outback? I have plenty of stuff to share (Book coming soon! Follow here for updates), but these are second hand narrations that happened in […]

Get the Most out of Your Three Week Trip to Australia

When I decided to head for the continent that was furthest south except for Antarctica, I took a quick look at the world map and decided I would travel everywhere and quickly hop over to Japan from there. It all looked so close. Only when I was standing underneath a giant floating globe that indicated […]

Solo Travel for Beginners – The Top Five Countries You Need to Know

“Wait, you are going to [insert country]? By yourself? Solo travel?? Ooooh, just be careful. Don’t get kidnapped, don’t leave the house at night and don’t look at people strange.” Jep, that is advice I got and you know what. I didn’t list to any of it. And you know what else? I am fine. […]

A Splash of Colour – The Prettiest Houses You Didn’t Know about

Mexico with its houses in all colours of the rainbow, Italy’s Portofino with layered houses colour upon colour and Greece with its typical white and blue paint – all these places are well known and attract myriads of tourists throughout the year. But if you are seeking to escape the sun, chill by the beach […]

Going Political with Colourful Trips in Canberra

This post was sponsored. The big question to you. What’s Australia’s capital? Well? Well?! Nope, not Sydney. Neither is it Melbourne. It is the probably most unbeloved city in all of the country, Canberra. I have not heard one Australian speak well of it. Except maybe my tour guide. So why did I want to […]

Hiking Australia’s Blue Mountains with Colourful Trips

This post was sponsored. I still remember the artistic device that is often utilised when depicting fading landscapes, mountains in particular. The colours are becoming more faint and taking on blue hues. Our teacher called this ‘blueing of the landscape’. The famous blue mountains near Sydney have coincidentally named according to such a phenomenon and […]

Where the Sand Turns to Towers with Aussie Wanderer

This post was sponsored. Not long after having arrived in Perth did I already start packing my bags again for a trip thanks toAussie Wanderer and I packed everything that wasn’t even remotely suited for 40°C weather pushed way down in my backpacker. I was going up North and the thermometer would rise with each […]

Where We Escaped to after the Bush Fires in Australia

What Happened after We Escaped Bush Fires
Nullarbor Traveller Day 11 and 12

This post about Nullarbor Traveller was sponsored. The last two days there were no hikes whatsoever, it was all culinary and sensory experiences as well as beaches. After escaping the bush fires, we had a pretty nice end to an awesome tour with Nullarbor Traveller, but it’s not over yet until I’ve told you all […]

Where to See the Famous Kangaroo Beach + lots of hiking and a VIDEO!

Where Is the Famous Kangaroo Beach?
Nullarbor Traveller Day 7 + 8

This post was sponsored. Since we received favouring tailwinds, we made it to Cape LeGrand National Park by afternoon on my tour with Nullarbor Traveller. Arriving after dark is not unusual and so we were indeed lucky and seized the beautiful day to relax on the beach. Donning our best beach wear we walked out […]

Where to Swim with Giant Tuna. I found a very pretty spot on my #sponsored Nullarbor Traveller Tour in Australia

Where to Swim with Giant Tuna
Nullarbor Traveller Tour Day 3 + 4

This post about Nullarbor Traveller was sponsored. On this cloudy day, we headed over to watch the wind tear up the ocean and send enormous waves crashing against the shore. The spot we picked for starters was a memorial for a nun that had been washed away by a king wave when she stood on […]