Solo Travel for Beginners – The Top Five Countries You Need to Know

“Wait, you are going to [insert country]? By yourself? Solo travel?? Ooooh, just be careful. Don’t get kidnapped, don’t leave the house at night and don’t look at people strange.” Jep, that is advice I got and you know what. I didn’t list to any of it. And you know what else? I am fine. […]

To Cheesecake or Not to Cheesecake – An International Question

I was never a big fan of cheese cake. In the first place, why is it even called cheese cake when there is zero cheese in it? Cream cheese maybe but not cheese cheese. Major difference! And then I went to Australia. I didn’t think much of it but one day, drawn by delicious instagram […]

What You Should Know about Shopping in Japan and Korea

Shopping is a pretty straightforward thing. You go into a shop, look at things, possiby try on if you like and then choose to buy or not to buy. But each country has their own little twist on things, whether bartering is a national sport in some countries, such as Turkey or Morocco, and in […]

The Top 5 Seoul Districts You Need To Visit

The Top 5 Seoul Districts You Need To Visit – Take the Test

I am trying something new today. Instead of writing about all the hip Seoul districts, which you can find in any good tourist brochure or guidebook (such as mine for hikers and day strollers) I am helping to let you figure out where you should be heading to first! Especially if you only have a […]

Not Spicy Korean Food in Seoul - How to Find It?

Not Spicy Korean Food in Seoul – How to Find It?

Call me a weakling, or to be more precise, my tastebuds. They are not the strongest when it comes to anything with a hint of spiciness. Even pepper. Not a big fan of that. And yet I call myself a foodie; well I am a picky foodie. That, however, didn’t make it any easier to […]

Hostel Review – Is@k’s Traveler’s Lounge in Seoul

Location With being right in the middle of Itaewon, you can’t go wrong. Think the vivid nightlife of Hongdae and add classiness and high-end shops mixed with vintage finds and foodie alleys and you get Itaewon. Sure, this comes with a price but the hostel is not an expensive one and the next metro station […]

Your Must Try Seoul Hikes in Three Day Trips

Seoul has a lot to offer but every now and then I have this fierce craving of heading out into the woods. I want to be far away from the hustle and bustle of the restless city life, away from neon lights and traffic jams, no subways or buses to carry you but your own […]

Korean Hanbok - Where to Rent it in Seoul

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen

It has been a while since my last fashion post and this time I have a very special treat for you. I got to try out several hanbok and strutted my stuff like a true Queen on the streets of Seoul, choosing historic palaces as my scene. Nothing less to be expected wearing such garments. […]