Why Travel is Scary - How to Beat Your Demons

Why Travel is Scary – How to Beat Your Demons

It was my very first trip and I was scared. Travel is scary. What had I gotten myself into? At first, I told not a soul, I didn’t want anyone to instill doubt in me. I already had enough of that. I wanted it to be my big secret. After all, I had basically signed […]

20 Instagram Accounts To Take You Back to Your Summer Holidays

20 Instagram Accounts To Take You Back to Your Summer Holidays

Are you sad that your summer holidays are over? Or do you have some last minute tropical getaways planned? This winter, I will do things a little differently and spend Christmas on a Portuguese island and NYE in Lisbon! I am so excited but this doesn’t keep my body as warm as kit should be […]

How to Overcome Shyness through Travel

10 Ways to Overcome Shyness through Travel

I get it. Talking to people can be scary. To this day I can never get over how hard making phone conversations is. I need to give myself a proper pep talk and then just hit dial while covering my eyes and answering in a panicky voice in order to trick myself not to postpone […]

When you move to Sweden you can visit Lund easily from Malmö

How to Prepare for Your First Solo Trip

Going on your very first solo trip can be very daunting. But it is not as hard as you think. Chances are you have either been that Type A person who had done all the planning herself anyway or the one who just went with the flow. Either way, you’ll be fine. A little bit […]

An awesome Country for Solo Travel: New Zealand

Honest Truth: Is Solo Travel Terribly Lonely?

Solo travel can be daunting. But is solo travel lonely? A long way from home, all by yourself, nobody who knows you. It is a scary thing this solo travel thing. But also exhilarating. But if you are a first time solo traveller, the former usually applies. And I was in your position two years […]

An awesome Country for Solo Travel: Australia

18 Clever Ways to Take Solo Travel Photos

This post contains affiliate links. To be honest, travelling by yourself and getting decent photos with you in them while doing so can be such a pain. (Just as having to take photos of yourself “as proof” even if you are on a long streak of “I can’t be bothered to look decent and just […]

Solo Travel for Beginners – The Top Five Countries You Need to Know

“Wait, you are going to [insert country]? By yourself? Solo travel?? Ooooh, just be careful. Don’t get kidnapped, don’t leave the house at night and don’t look at people strange.” Jep, that is advice I got and you know what. I didn’t list to any of it. And you know what else? I am fine. […]

All-you-need-to-know Caribbean Cruise Tips for the Britannia

All-you-need-to-know Caribbean Cruise Tips for the Britannia

What a whirlwind adventure! One day I am still recuperating from the excessive Christmas feasts and the next thing I know is I am packing for my first cruise sharing my Caribbean Cruise Tips with you. I couldn’t believe that British cruise giant P&O had invited me over to the Caribbean on the Britannia, to […]

taking the best travel photos

Travel Photography Tips To Make You Look Like a Pro

Have you taken a look at your old travel photos lately and discovered they all looked the same? The same family poses in front of skylines, the typical silhouette sunset shots, holding iconic monuments and all the exact same thing as everybody else? Let’s spice them up a bit with these easy travel photography tips […]

Listen Up, Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean You’re Actually Alone

How do you feel about solo travel? What do you expect people will be like? Are you scared or excited? Do you get told to beware of strangers or embrace locals with an open mind? As a solo traveler, there is so much you have to take of by yourself and you have to be […]

Busting Travel Excuses – Are Strangers Dangerous?

Time and again I am hearing people being worried about my safety. Don’t talk to strangers, always be sceptical and don’t trust people who want to give you something for free are along the lines of the words of advice I receive. It is all well meant but oftentimes voiced by those that don’t have […]

24 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Women Travelling Alone – 24 Crucial Safety Tips

Especially women travelling alone have to be extra careful. Sadly, this world is no happy fantasy land with peaceful unicorns flying about and rainbows in the sky. However, just because there is bad stuff happening in the world doesn’t mean you should hide away from it. Travelling alone entails so many beautiful freedoms, such as […]