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What You Need to Know about Water Safety when Travelling

The best spots along the Great Ocean Road 12

It’s a simple thing. It can be tasteless or fun and it’s absolutely vital. Unfortunately, it can also be lethal to your travel or holiday plans. I’m talking water safety here. Hands up, who has suffered from water borne diseases, spent hours on the toilet and held their hurting tummy? And it’s so easy to […]


Travel Safety – 16 Tips that Could Save Your Life

Busting Excuses to Travel - Travel Safety

Travelling is not necessarily more or less safe than staying at home. Think about it, the most accidents happen in your own four walls. If you want a number, the survey of Injury Facts 2015 estimated that 93,200 unintentional-injury related deaths occurred at the home and in the community in the year 2013. That is […]


The Perfect Gifts for a Traveller – Ideas to Get the Next Birthdays Sorted

Every time my birthday rolls around, I get asked what I want and I each year it gets harder. Being a constant traveller, my focus has shifted and I need way less things than I did before. But what gifts for a traveller are actually good for me? Do I need portable tents or sleeping […]


Master Your Australian Road Trip with these Simple Unspoken Rules

Hitting the Road in Australia? Brush up on Your Road Etiquette!

Are you planning an Australian road trip? Australia basically screams for long drives and road trips. But even so, it’s not as easy as pie in such a vast and dangerous country as Australia. While keeping in mind the essentials, such as having enough fuel, supplies and staying on the roads, there is a little […]