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Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback - Are you scared yet?

Halloween is coming soon and I thought what would be more fitting than to combine scary and travel stuff and tell you gruesome horror stories from my time in the Australian outback? I have plenty of stuff to share (Book coming soon! Follow here for updates), but these are second hand narrations that happened in […]


Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling Is This

Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling. Read this if you don't want to be eaten by a crocodile. Snap!

No fuzzy feelings today, let’s get down to the dark and dirty of travel. A British woman in Australia was eaten alive by a crocodile in Australia while talking a tranquil stroll by the beach with her bestie. It’s sad, it’s tragic, I am shocked. But not the way you think.


Do You Really Need an Ironclad Backup Plan?

Sometimes you are alone like this tree during a storm. You need a backup plan!

Life usually doesn’t go to plan. And once it again it has taken me by surprise and basically put me out on the street. I told you about my recent move to Sweden and it turns out that my roommate’s boyfriend had impromptu change of his life plans and decided to move in with her. […]


How Your Bad Hostel Nightmares Become Real + Free Guide

I was ready. Or so I thought. I had made an unrepresentative survey among friends who had travelled a lot and had been staying in hostels before. Ok, my quota was one. To say that it had been an unpleasant stay would be a crass understatement. My bad hostel nightmares had only begun.