6 Powerful Ways to Look After your Health when Flying

6 Powerful Ways to Look After your Health when Flying

Your health will suffer from a long haul flight – or even from multiple connecting flights. Therefore, you need to look after your health when flying. You will sit a lot, won’t eat as regularly as you usually do, suffer from jetlag, etc. All this might upset your tummy or cause sleeping problems. Although there […]

Why Travel is Scary - How to Beat Your Demons

Why Travel is Scary – How to Beat Your Demons

It was my very first trip and I was scared. Travel is scary. What had I gotten myself into? At first, I told not a soul, I didn’t want anyone to instill doubt in me. I already had enough of that. I wanted it to be my big secret. After all, I had basically signed […]

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

More Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

It’s horror stories time! Just a few more sleeps and Halloween is knocking at your door, the gates to the otherworld will open wide and all kinds of creepies, undead and mischievous faeries will roam the earth! Muahahahaha. Anyway, to get you into the mood, here are some real life horror stories to teach you […]

Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback - Are you scared yet?

Real Life Horror Stories from My Time in the Australian Outback

Halloween is coming soon and I thought what would be more fitting than to combine scary and travel stuff and tell you gruesome horror stories from my time in the Australian outback? I have plenty of stuff to share (Book coming soon! Follow here for updates), but these are second hand narrations that happened in […]

Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling. Read this if you don't want to be eaten by a crocodile. Snap!

Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling Is This

No fuzzy feelings today, let’s get down to the dark and dirty of travel. A British woman in Australia was eaten alive by a crocodile in Australia while talking a tranquil stroll by the beach with her bestie. It’s sad, it’s tragic, I am shocked. But not the way you think.

Sometimes you are alone like this tree during a storm. You need a backup plan!

Do You Really Need an Ironclad Backup Plan?

Life usually doesn’t go to plan. And once it again it has taken me by surprise and basically put me out on the street. I told you about my recent move to Sweden and it turns out that my roommate’s boyfriend had impromptu change of his life plans and decided to move in with her. […]

How Your Bad Hostel Nightmares Become Real + Free Guide

I was ready. Or so I thought. I had made an unrepresentative survey among friends who had travelled a lot and had been staying in hostels before. Ok, my quota was one. To say that it had been an unpleasant stay would be a crass understatement. My bad hostel nightmares had only begun.

Travel without Money - How to Do It

Travel without Money – How to Do It

Los Angeles is a city with two faces. On the one hand, you see the glitz and glamour and on the other hand so much misery and dirt everywhere. I didn’t like it. And the stories I heard in my shabby hostel were a reflection of that. Full of cheating landlords, home abuse and looming […]

Travel with Anxiety – How to Cope

Travel with Anxiety – How to Cope

Not many people think about the fact that being on the road and seeing the most beautiful places is not all sunshine and roses. And often not the only baggage we carry with us is a backpack or suitcase. Travel with anxiety is a serious concern.

Busting Travel Excuses – Are Strangers Dangerous?

Time and again I am hearing people being worried about my safety. Don’t talk to strangers, always be sceptical and don’t trust people who want to give you something for free are along the lines of the words of advice I receive. It is all well meant but oftentimes voiced by those that don’t have […]

24 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Women Travelling Alone – 24 Crucial Safety Tips

Especially women travelling alone have to be extra careful. Sadly, this world is no happy fantasy land with peaceful unicorns flying about and rainbows in the sky. However, just because there is bad stuff happening in the world doesn’t mean you should hide away from it. Travelling alone entails so many beautiful freedoms, such as […]

The best spots along the Great Ocean Road 12

What You Need to Know about Water Safety when Travelling

It’s a simple thing. It can be tasteless or fun and it’s absolutely vital. Unfortunately, it can also be lethal to your travel or holiday plans. I’m talking water safety here. Hands up, who has suffered from water borne diseases, spent hours on the toilet and held their hurting tummy? And it’s so easy to […]

Busting Excuses to Travel - Travel Safety

Travel Safety – 16 Tips that Could Save Your Life

Travelling is not necessarily more or less safe than staying at home. Think about it, the most accidents happen in your own four walls. If you want a number, the survey of Injury Facts 2015 estimated that 93,200 unintentional-injury related deaths occurred at the home and in the community in the year 2013. That is […]

Hitting the Road in Australia? Brush up on Your Road Etiquette!

Master Your Australian Road Trip with these Simple Unspoken Rules

Are you planning an Australian road trip? Australia basically screams for long drives and road trips. But even so, it’s not as easy as pie in such a vast and dangerous country as Australia. While keeping in mind the essentials, such as having enough fuel, supplies and staying on the roads, there is a little […]

Your Ultimate Great Ocean Road Drive – Stops, Tips and Timings

Your Ultimate Great Ocean Road Drive – Stops, Tips and Timings

Ah, the Great Ocean Road drive! Impressive limestone boulders rising up from the raging sea, protruding out along the rugged coastline like warning fingers, the 12 Apostles are a sure tourist magnet for every Great Ocean Road drive. Everyone flocks to this beautiful scenery to get a glimpse of what is one of the most […]