15 Questions To Save Your Travel Buddy Relationship

How do you like to travel? By yourself, in a group or with a travel buddy (be it your partner or friend)? In case you choose the latter, there are things that you need to consider before taking that leap. Not for nothing is a holiday together known as a relationship wrecker. Don’t let that […]

taking the best travel photos

Travel Photography Tips To Make You Look Like a Pro

Have you taken a look at your old travel photos lately and discovered they all looked the same? The same family poses in front of skylines, the typical silhouette sunset shots, holding iconic monuments and all the exact same thing as everybody else? Let’s spice them up a bit with these easy travel photography tips […]

Best Souvenirs from around the World Worth Buying

This post contains affiliate links. It’s no secret that I am no fan of even the best souvenirs. Not the typical suspects anyway. Give me a typical food item over a key ring any day as a souvenir from your trip. Buy me something silly yet useful, like a mafia apron from Sicily or a […]

Travel with Anxiety – How to Cope

Travel with Anxiety – How to Cope

Not many people think about the fact that being on the road and seeing the most beautiful places is not all sunshine and roses. And often not the only baggage we carry with us is a backpack or suitcase. Travel with anxiety is a serious concern.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Travel so Seriously

I know a lot of people who are waiting months for their big holiday just to return exhausted and answering my eager question of how it was with a sigh and the exclamation, ‘I need another holiday.’ Well, that backfired. So why do people stress out so much over their holidays? Well, I don’t need […]

How to Keep Your Reading Hobby while on the Road

I have made an embarrassing discovery. My vocabulary has shrunken quite dramatically. Once devouring novel after novel, sometimes entertaining myself in mock Shakespeare-esque and Oscar Wilde like conversations in my head, the current inner monologues evolve around words such as ‘good grief’, ‘geez’ and ‘like’. It seems I have grown lazy, not only by speaking […]

Listen Up, Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean You’re Actually Alone

How do you feel about solo travel? What do you expect people will be like? Are you scared or excited? Do you get told to beware of strangers or embrace locals with an open mind? As a solo traveler, there is so much you have to take of by yourself and you have to be […]

90 Clever Ways to Save Money While Travelling

Here is a truth for you. I lived cheaper each month travelling the world to some of the most expensive countries than the average German does in their own country. Mind you, I travelled nearly halfway around the world in miles when I was in Australia alone! That is a remarkable feat I’ve been told […]

Get your free guide to long-term travel now!

Do you want to find out how you can manage to travel the world for longer than you thought possible? I am not talking about a two week holiday, I mean month-long adventures across countries? I have done it for a whole year and I know you can, too!

What Are Your Favourite Summer Tunes?

How is it that the perfect summer feeling doesn’t set it when I see palm trees, hear the ocean or sip on a colourful cocktail? For me, I need the right bubbly tunes to go with the whole picture (or sometimes just with the pictures in my head) and I am all set. Let’s just […]

Avoid these Little Things that Ruin Your Holiday!

Avoid these Little Things that Ruin Your Holiday!

I encourage travelling over touristing, simply for the fact that tourists just tick off must see lights and fail to truly immerse themselves in the foreign culture and to get a sense of a different way of life beyond it being “so strange and different.” But no matter what your style of travel is, along […]

Busting Travel Excuses – Are Strangers Dangerous?

Time and again I am hearing people being worried about my safety. Don’t talk to strangers, always be sceptical and don’t trust people who want to give you something for free are along the lines of the words of advice I receive. It is all well meant but oftentimes voiced by those that don’t have […]

My Ultimate Packing List – Daringly Empty

I have made a fierce resolution. I want to travel the USA with only a carry on. Jep, that’s right. The one who carried a monster of 20-25kg at any given time for a year with her has gone all daring and will change her erroneous wanderer ways. Since a lot of you might shake […]

How to Stay in Touch during Holiday + A Giveaway!

When you are travelling you might at first want to fill your family in all the time, where you’ve been, who you met, crazy things locals do, but once you are on the road longer, this might slacken a little and at one point you might find yourself realising a week has passed and you […]

24 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Women Travelling Alone – 24 Crucial Safety Tips

Especially women travelling alone have to be extra careful. Sadly, this world is no happy fantasy land with peaceful unicorns flying about and rainbows in the sky. However, just because there is bad stuff happening in the world doesn’t mean you should hide away from it. Travelling alone entails so many beautiful freedoms, such as […]

The best spots along the Great Ocean Road 12

What You Need to Know about Water Safety when Travelling

It’s a simple thing. It can be tasteless or fun and it’s absolutely vital. Unfortunately, it can also be lethal to your travel or holiday plans. I’m talking water safety here. Hands up, who has suffered from water borne diseases, spent hours on the toilet and held their hurting tummy? And it’s so easy to […]