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Let’s Talk Culture Shock – How Do You Cope?

There I was walking down a German street after having touched ground post my 26 hour flight and it was all wrong. Something was off and I felt like a tourist. Staring into bakeries, listening in to conversations and looking wildly about me. I am sure you are all familiar with the concept of culture […]


Travelling With Allergies – Tips and Tricks for a Stressfree Trip

Travelling With Allergies - Tips and Tricks for a Stressfree Trip

Updated Dec 2017. Masks, everywhere I look. People with white masks, people with colourful masks and faces on them, pink masks, black masks. There are even masks on sale in every convenience store. I am travelling Japan for two weeks. And before coming here, I had mistakenly assumed the masks were only to coverup an […]


When Budgeting Becomes a Big Fat Slap in Your Face

You know I like to save a buck or two and it gets really ridiculous sometimes. Even so much that I rather walk for 2 hours than pay $2 for the metro fare. That is not a joke. It saves me two chocolate bars! But when you realize the time and energy it cost you […]


How to Save on and Glam up Backpacker Meals

A backpacker’s life is not easy. Living out of a suitcase, managing a tight budget, changing accommodation almost daily and still seeing the world up close and to the fullest. It is a full time task and requires extensive planning and budget management. One particular field of cutting costs, unfortunately, is that of food intake. […]