Don’t Miss these Outdoor Adventures in the Harz, Germany

This post was sponsored. I was supposed to jump down THERE? Half an hour ago I had been all cocky and thought it wasn’t so bad. But now that I was supposed to take the leap of faith during the first of my many outdoor adventures on this press trip, I couldn’t do it. I […]

This what happens when everything goes wrong when you travel. You May Freak Out Now. But it's never as bad as it seems. Click to find out more.

When Travels Go Wrong – You May Freak Out Now

Great, a gate in my face. And it was locked. Of course. Just when I realised I had forgotten my railpass in my hotel, had to catch a train in 20 minutes and was at the other end of town without wifi and a sim card that would not charge me horrendous fees for calling […]

Brexit and Travel - What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

Brexit & Travel – What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

So Britain is out. Not sure we can call it Great Britain much longer seeing the new probabilities of Scotland and Northern Ireland wanting to become independent now more than ever. Political impact aside, what does this mean for us travellers? Or more specifically, what does it mean for British travellers and expats? Brexit and […]

You’re Planning Your Holiday All Wrong

You’re Planning Your Holiday All Wrong

I hate to be the one to tell you, but you will regret your next holiday. You’ll hate getting up way too early every morning (and if you are an early riser, you’ll hate the late nights). You’ll hate having cameras and selfie sticks shoved in your face. You’ll hate the construction works that ruin […]

Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling. Read this if you don't want to be eaten by a crocodile. Snap!

Warning: The Only Real Danger of Travelling Is This

No fuzzy feelings today, let’s get down to the dark and dirty of travel. A British woman in Australia was eaten alive by a crocodile in Australia while talking a tranquil stroll by the beach with her bestie. It’s sad, it’s tragic, I am shocked. But not the way you think.

The five cheeky ways to book your flights - use them to save a lot of money and not be ripped of.

Five Cheeky Flight Booking Secrets You Must Know

Though it seems like the most straightforward way that you could go about travel booking – hotel comparisons and planning itineraries and tours might be even trickier – there are some flight booking secrets you should know. These could make it cost YOU more but not other people.

How to Overcome Shyness through Travel

10 Ways to Overcome Shyness through Travel

I get it. Talking to people can be scary. To this day I can never get over how hard making phone conversations is. I need to give myself a proper pep talk and then just hit dial while covering my eyes and answering in a panicky voice in order to trick myself not to postpone […]

15 Proven Ways to Travel Guilt-Free

15 Proven Ways to Travel Guilt-Free

If I had asked 20 year old me, by now I would be living in a nice apartment close to an airport, with a nice salary and an amazing holiday coming up. Well, that didn’t happen. But I still travel. And I travel guilt-free. The thing about travel is that it is generally perceived as […]

Sicily's Taormina - How to Take a Surprise Trip Without Breaking the Bank

How to Take a Surprise Trip Without Breaking the Bank

The moment I stepped out of the car and overlooked the Australian plateau beneath my feet with thousands of tiny gumtree trees dotting the area, I felt as if I had landed in Africa. Now, Africa is a huge continent and no country is the same, but at that moment I knew I had to […]

Included pools and cocktails? Sign me up.

Screw the Backpacker Lifestyle I’ll Go Flashpacking

The pungent smell of old socks, stale air and halitosis in the air could only mean one thing: I had arrived in yet another way too big hostel dorm. The only hope of a fresh breeze came from the dirty street above and a cellar room with four three-level bunk beds, one tiny sink and […]

What to pack on a cruise - shoes would be a start

Are You Making these Stupid Travel Budget Mistakes?

Ok, the moment of truth. Your bank account is here. You have been floating on your little travel cloud so far and seeing the world through palm tree lined glasses and sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them. Be prepared for the fall!

How Secure Are Your Life Goals Really? + live webinar

How Secure Are Your Life Goals Really?

Is travelling by yourself brave? Do you need courage to step into a plane that takes you to the other end of the world and step into the unknown without a solid plan? And where would your life goals take you? Maybe.

Sometimes you are alone like this tree during a storm. You need a backup plan!

Do You Really Need an Ironclad Backup Plan?

Life usually doesn’t go to plan. And once it again it has taken me by surprise and basically put me out on the street. I told you about my recent move to Sweden and it turns out that my roommate’s boyfriend had impromptu change of his life plans and decided to move in with her. […]

When you move to Sweden you can visit Lund easily from Malmö

How to Prepare for Your First Solo Trip

Going on your very first solo trip can be very daunting. But it is not as hard as you think. Chances are you have either been that Type A person who had done all the planning herself anyway or the one who just went with the flow. Either way, you’ll be fine. A little bit […]

Flight Hacking Your Dream World Trip + Free Download

Flight Hacking Your Dream World Trip

Sometimes life catches you by surprise and other times it blindfolds you and drops you off at the other end of the world. At least that’s how it felt for me. I wasn’t happy in my 9 to 5 (being called useless on a daily basis and not being able to afford even my rent […]