Top 10 Tips to Get those Desired Cheap Flights

I feel like this is the millionth blog post on how to book cheap flights for less money but I keep meeting people that ask me how I can afford my many flights and what secret tips I have. So I thought I’d share my wisdom with you. But to be fair, I have gained […]

Guest Post: Did You not Forget Something?

Today I have another great guest post for you from none other than the go to place for all your travel accessory needs, The Travel Accessory Store. Admit it, there is always that little voice in your head whenever you have locked the doors and gotten into the car that something is missing. Chances are […]

Just Save Yourself the Souvenirs

Are you guilty of buying your friends and family tacky souvenirs in the form of key rings, magnets or miniatures of prominent buildings? Do they actually appreciate it beyond the thought of the gift? How much use is it to get yet another keyring that says Paris or magnet with I heart with NYC on […]

How to Get Into the German Christmas Mood – 5 Steps

Christmas isn’t the same all over the world, there are different traditions and customs. So what’s German Christmas like and how do Germans get into the Christmas Mood? Here are the top five ways to celebrate the holiday the German way.

How to Find Opal and Become a Millionaire in 6 Steps

Who wouldn’t want to become rich over night? Maybe there is a secret recipe for success? At least hundreds of people thought so coming to the opal capital Coober Pedy, looking for the precious gem that with each reflecting colour can represent another thousand dollars in their eyes. Naturally, I wanted to find out more. […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong on an Outback Tour? All of this.

This post was sponsored. Mishaps happen and if you’ve been following my social media channels you would know by now that the last couple of months have been – more or less – a serious bad luck streak for me. It should come as no surprise that it caught up to me as far as […]