How to Stay in Touch during Holiday + A Giveaway!

When you are travelling you might at first want to fill your family in all the time, where you’ve been, who you met, crazy things locals do, but once you are on the road longer, this might slacken a little and at one point you might find yourself realising a week has passed and you […]

24 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Women Travelling Alone – 24 Crucial Safety Tips

Especially women travelling alone have to be extra careful. Sadly, this world is no happy fantasy land with peaceful unicorns flying about and rainbows in the sky. However, just because there is bad stuff happening in the world doesn’t mean you should hide away from it. Travelling alone entails so many beautiful freedoms, such as […]

7 Easy Tips on how to Travel with a Wig

I don’t see it as such but recently I was told I have an obsession with wigs and synthetic hair. There might be something there as I started my world trip with a black wig in my luggage, later bought a pink wig in a Japanese cosplay shop (and wore it while getting lost in […]

Busting Excuses to Travel - Travel Safety

Travel Safety – 16 Tips that Could Save Your Life

Travelling is not necessarily more or less safe than staying at home. Think about it, the most accidents happen in your own four walls. If you want a number, the survey of Injury Facts 2015 estimated that 93,200 unintentional-injury related deaths occurred at the home and in the community in the year 2013. That is […]

Travel Apps I Actually Use – And My Honest Opinion of Them

There are so many apps out ther that people recommend for travellers. Heck, there are dozens of “Top Ten Apps…” articles out there. But many of them feature services I know but would usually just use through my laptop. Also, if you are at all like me, chances are your phone has had an overkill […]

Let’s Talk Culture Shock – How Do You Cope?

There I was walking down a German street after having touched ground post my 26 hour flight and it was all wrong. Something was off and I felt like a tourist. Staring into bakeries, listening in to conversations and looking wildly about me. I am sure you are all familiar with the concept of culture […]

Travelling With Allergies

Masks, everywhere I look. People with white masks, people with colourful masks and faces on them, pink masks, black masks. There are even masks on sale in every convenience store. I am in Japan. And before I came here and took a look at the first tourist brochure I could find, I had no clue […]

When Budgeting Becomes a Big Fat Slap in Your Face

You know I like to save a buck or two and it gets really ridiculous sometimes. Even so much that I rather walk for 2 hours than pay $2 for the metro fare. That is not a joke. It saves me two chocolate bars! But when you realize the time and energy it cost you […]

Being Sick during Travels – Now What?

The part I hate most during the year is when I’m sick. The worst, however, is when I am sick and travelling. Pure agony. Not only is it then that you need a comfy bed, home-made soup as well as peace and quiet but you have to heave your luggage around, get on public transport […]

How I Save a Helluva Lot of Money for Travelling – And You Can Too

It’s not a big secret and not the most pleasant one, in fact you might not even like to hear these things but the truth is they saved me heaps of money, which I then could put on the bank in a special account with (albeit not much) higher interest rates. Let’s call it the […]

Pre Up in the Air – How to do Airports Like a Pro

Have you seen the film Up in the Air and admired George Clooney? Well, just because he is George Clooney but also because of his fierce airport skills. The character was was kinda an a*hole but at airports he was a master. I’ve always wished that I could pull flying off as smoothly. I used […]

You Should Know this before Backpacking Japan

I thought backpacking Japan would go just as smoothly as in New Zealand. Just going with the flow and see how it goes. Well, that might not have been the best idea in retrospect. Most of the time I am utterly confused and my favourite line that haunts my thoughts is “I just don’t know… […]

Let’s Talk about the Essentials – A Global Discourse on Loos

Nobody likes to talk about it. It is not particularly nice to go but nice to leave. And some you wish you wouldn’t have to use but have to. I’m talking loo. Toilet. WC. But whatever you call it, it is undoubtedly necessary whether you travel or not. Especially during travels it can prove a […]

6 Things You Won’t Expect in Australia

Flies in Your Face I don’t know how to break it to you but you have never been pestered by a fly if you haven’t been pestered by an Australian one. These little monsters are particularly vicious on this dangerous country and will try to reach every inch of your skin, fly to your eyes […]

Why Being a Tourist Misses the Point of Travelling

I cannot think of the amount of conversations I had on the topic of tourist versus traveler. For some people these terms are used synonymously. For others, like me, they are worlds apart and almost at the opposite side of the spectrum. So, before you brush off the topic or judge too quickly, let me […]