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Travelling With Allergies – Tips and Tricks for a Stressfree Trip

Travelling With Allergies - Tips and Tricks for a Stressfree Trip

Masks, everywhere I look. People with white masks, people with colourful masks and faces on them, pink masks, black masks. There are even masks on sale in every convenience store. I am travelling Japan for two weeks. And before coming here, I had mistakenly assumed the masks were only to coverup an illness. It turned […]


Unique Travel Journals to Kickstart Your Adventures [Travelmas #3]

Unique Travel Journals to Kick Start Your Adventures

Reading about the best travel books is one thing, but writing your own story an entirely different one. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown novel. But simply capturing your personal travel experience makes such a difference. Be honest, how many details of your last trip, let alone those from five years ago, can you […]


Your Ultimate Guide to Travelling Alone

Have you been travelling alone or is it on your list? Do you have worries or doubts whether it’s the right kind of travel for you? Do you have no one to travel with you and are not happy at the thought of travelling alone? (Just a little heads up, this is a very comprehensive […]


How I saved $1K on Global Travel and Tours through Clever Planning

How I saved $1K on Global travel and Tours through Clever Planning

Solo travel is great! You are independent, can go wherever and whenever you want , but it can get lonely. And sometimes it’s not the smartest move to go to certain places alone. For instance, like I did travelling the Australian outback. I sewed together a bunch of STA tours that took me across four […]