How Your Bad Hostel Nightmares Become Real + Free Guide

I was ready. Or so I thought. I had made an unrepresentative survey among friends who had travelled a lot and had been staying in hostels before. Ok, my quota was one. To say that it had been an unpleasant stay would be a crass understatement. My bad hostel nightmares had only begun.

How to get through airports

How to Get Through the Airport when You’re Late

It was 30 minutes to my flight departure and it took me 2 hours to finally receive my boarding ticket, after having all documents and printouts I had on me scanned and assessed by the slowest airline staff in the universe, and now the luggage guy who sat right next to the whole scenario of […]

All-you-need-to-know Caribbean Cruise Tips for the Britannia

All-you-need-to-know Caribbean Cruise Tips for the Britannia

What a whirlwind adventure! One day I am still recuperating from the excessive Christmas feasts and the next thing I know is I am packing for my first cruise sharing my Caribbean Cruise Tips with you. I couldn’t believe that British cruise giant P&O had invited me over to the Caribbean on the Britannia, to […]

Staying connected with a USA sim

Being Sim Ready with your USA Sim Card

I think I had lost my way. Only a few days before did I follow the same way or so I thought. It seemed like no big deal walking all the way from Asakusa to the north of Taito, where my ultra shabby factory –turned-hostel accommodation was situated but Tokyo’s streets do look very much […]

How to Survive Your Erasmus Exchange

How to Survive Your First Erasmus Exchange

This has nothing to do with my current adventures but might be of value to some of my readers who are students or have friends or relatives that are. I am talking studying abroad, or Erasmus exchange to be more precise. I am passionate about all things travel and a firm believer in it being […]

Travelling the USA by Bus – A Daring Adventure of 10 Cities in 30 Days

Do you know what I cannot stand about travel in the USA? The public transport. Or the lack thereof. New Zealand wasn’t a prime example either but at least it wasn’t so big. What is a solo traveller to do when leaving the driving licence at home but having driving experience that amounts to zero […]

How to Keep Your Sanity over Lost Luggage

Knock on wood but I’ve never had to deal with lost luggage in all my travels. Sure, someone “borrowed” 50 dollars straight out of my backpack, one airport wanted to keep the only umbrella that is able to survive the British weather from me and another took down my luggage from the conveyor belt and […]

15 Questions To Save Your Travel Buddy Relationship

How do you like to travel? By yourself, in a group or with a travel buddy (be it your partner or friend)? In case you choose the latter, there are things that you need to consider before taking that leap. Not for nothing is a holiday together known as a relationship wrecker. Don’t let that […]

taking the best travel photos

Travel Photography Tips To Make You Look Like a Pro

Have you taken a look at your old travel photos lately and discovered they all looked the same? The same family poses in front of skylines, the typical silhouette sunset shots, holding iconic monuments and all the exact same thing as everybody else? Let’s spice them up a bit with these easy travel photography tips […]

Best Souvenirs from around the World Worth Buying

This post contains affiliate links. It’s no secret that I am no fan of even the best souvenirs. Not the typical suspects anyway. Give me a typical food item over a key ring any day as a souvenir from your trip. Buy me something silly yet useful, like a mafia apron from Sicily or a […]

Travel with Anxiety – How to Cope

Travel with Anxiety – How to Cope

Not many people think about the fact that being on the road and seeing the most beautiful places is not all sunshine and roses. And often not the only baggage we carry with us is a backpack or suitcase. Travel with anxiety is a serious concern.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Travel so Seriously

I know a lot of people who are waiting months for their big holiday just to return exhausted and answering my eager question of how it was with a sigh and the exclamation, ‘I need another holiday.’ Well, that backfired. So why do people stress out so much over their holidays? Well, I don’t need […]

How to Keep Your Reading Hobby while on the Road

I have made an embarrassing discovery. My vocabulary has shrunken quite dramatically. Once devouring novel after novel, sometimes entertaining myself in mock Shakespeare-esque and Oscar Wilde like conversations in my head, the current inner monologues evolve around words such as ‘good grief’, ‘geez’ and ‘like’. It seems I have grown lazy, not only by speaking […]

Listen Up, Solo Travel Doesn’t Mean You’re Actually Alone

How do you feel about solo travel? What do you expect people will be like? Are you scared or excited? Do you get told to beware of strangers or embrace locals with an open mind? As a solo traveler, there is so much you have to take of by yourself and you have to be […]

Get your free guide to long-term travel now!

Do you want to find out how you can manage to travel the world for longer than you thought possible? I am not talking about a two week holiday, I mean month-long adventures across countries? I have done it for a whole year and I know you can, too!

Avoid these Little Things that Ruin Your Holiday!

Avoid these Little Things that Ruin Your Holiday!

I encourage travelling over touristing, simply for the fact that tourists just tick off must see lights and fail to truly immerse themselves in the foreign culture and to get a sense of a different way of life beyond it being “so strange and different.” But no matter what your style of travel is, along […]