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Don’t Miss these Outdoor Adventures in the Harz, Germany

This post was sponsored. I was supposed to jump down THERE? Half an hour ago I had been all cocky and thought it wasn’t so bad. But now that I was supposed to take the leap of faith during the first of my many outdoor adventures on this press trip, I couldn’t do it. I […]


How to Visit Three “Cardiff Castles” in One Day

How to Visit Three Cardiff Castles in One Day

Adventure, where could I find you?


The Shocking History of Bath Jane Austen Didn’t Tell

Bath & Hygiene or Lack thereof during the Time of Jane Austen and the Romans

This post is sponsored. “So did I get that right, the men would relieve themselves right next to where people where eating?” I thought I must have misunderstood; this could not be the prim and proper uptight England that Jane Austen lived in, let alone the history of Bath, THE spa town of England. I […]


Review: SACO Apartment in London, Canary Wharf

I have my own apartment in London, how fancy does that sound? Especially for a constant traveller like me, the mere thought of having a nice place to myself with different rooms, privacy, a decent working desk and wifi was my own kind of heaven. And then it was in London of all places. I’d […]