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Is North Dakota Bucketlist-Worthy? // Sponsored

So I am hanging out with my friend Google, who tells me a lot about all the places in the USA. With 50 states and a landmass roughly the same as Australia (the US scores place 4 among the largest countries and Australia places 6), there is a lot to choose from and I am […]


What an African Safari with the Big 5 Is Really Like // Sponsored

I tried to keep an open mind when I sat myself in the car to be driven for 2 hours to the Aquila Private Game Reserve to go on my first ever African safari. I tried not picturing roaring lions, zebras running next to me and someone in the distance singing Hakuna Matata. I still […]


Cape Town Food Hot Spots You Need to Know // Sponsored

Cape Tow food hot spots you didn't know about but should

Cape Town Food. That was my first goal when arriving in the city. But I didn’t care for just any food, I wanted to find authentic African cuisine (I never had any before that). That was harder than I thought because Cape Town food is just as multicultural as is the city itself. Therefore, it […]


Where to Find the Coolest Travellers in Seoul – Is@k’s Traveler’s Lounge // Sponsored

Where to Find the Coolest Travellers in Seoul - Is@k's Traveler's Lounge // Sponsored

I changed hostels quite a bit while I stayed in Seoul for three weeks and one hostel I really liked. So I asked if I could feature it on the blog in exchange for a few night’s stay. After all, I met the most amazing people and those have come back again and again, staying […]