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Where to Swim with Giant Tuna
Nullarbor Traveller Tour Day 3 + 4 // Sponsored

Where to Swim with Giant Tuna. I found a very pretty spot on my #sponsored Nullarbor Traveller Tour in Australia

On this cloudy day, we headed over to watch the wind tear up the ocean and send enormous waves crashing against the shore. The spot we picked for starters was a memorial for a nun that had been washed away by a king wave when she stood on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Truly, the […]


Up in the Clouds with Jumptours

This post was sponsored. It was nice to sleep in for a change. Look how far I’ve come when I, a die hard long sleeper, think it is sleeping in to awake at 8 am. Formerly that would have been correct at 10am. But there you go. Travel changes everything.


Every Fashionista’s Dream Come True – Fashion Icons at the Art Gallery of South Australia

I thought I must be dreaming when I saw the iconic bar suit through which a young and ambitious Christian Dior had turned the then rather sober and restricted fashion world of post war times upside down and gave it a big shake for good measure. No one would have dared to exceed the rationings […]


Does Drifting around Count as Surfing?

What would a jellyfish look like surfing? If you had seen me on a surfboard you would probably have a better idea because that is pretty close to how I felt. I had on a lose wetsuit with a saggy old shirt on top that had sleeves double the length of my arms and it […]