Recipe Corner: Dancing as Light as a Feather with the Pavlova Cake

Australian and New Zealandian common desserts are at best light snacks, such as cookies and chocolate bars. It is refreshing to see that there is a cake that originated from this area of dry foods. Ironically, it was created for a Russian dancer. As to its exact origin, there has always been some debate, so […]

Recipe Corner: Lamingtons

Let’s make a truly Australian dessert. How about sponge cake squares coated in chocolate sauce and coconut? However, before we get our hands dirty in chocolate and yummy treats, let’s have a small history lesson. The cake can be dated back to the early 1900s and there are many different stories as to their creation. […]

Hong Kong Food You Need to Take a Bite Out Of

At first it is difficult to know what Hong Kong food to look for. There is simply so much going on, so much to see, so many crowds to follow that one simply forgets to keep an eye out for restaurants. When the hunger becomes overwhelming the question is, where to go?

Recipe Corner: Chocolate Banana Bread

Today we venture forth into the USA when I bring to you a recipe of the yummy and super easy to make banana bread. It’s been popular in the states since the 1930s when baking powder became commercially available and needed to be tried out creating quick breads. So take out your baking soda and […]

The Tim Tam Slam

There are so many things that are associated with Australia foodwise, like the infamous vegemite and exotic meats of the likes of kangaroo or crocodile. But the ultimate must try and must try properly food are Tim Tams. There are not just sandwich chocolate cookies and do not compare them to the American orios. They […]

Living the Foodie Dream in Melbourne

I cannot stress enough how much of a foodie paradise Melbourne is. Take for instance the multitude of ethnic restaurants. Just walk along the streets in the central business district and your thirst for fancy cuisine will be satisfied. For those hungry for Mediterranean food, there are Italian and Greek precincts that cater to your […]

Recipe Corner: Kladkaka

Hejsan! Greetings from Sweden (well, I am not actually in Sweden, but you get the point). Today I will share with you the recipe for the oh-so-chocolaty and bestest cake. It is, hyou ave guessed right, from Sweden. So here we go.