What Happens when a Foodie goes to Nagano

I bet you’ve already got the message, being a foodie in Japan is da bomb. So much yumminess on every corner and even if you don’t know what the dish actually includes and how to pronounce the name, there are pictures for clueless tourists everywhere. So, grab your chopstick and head over to Nagano, the […]

Yummy Osaka Food You Simply Cannot Forget to Eat

The Quick Must-Try Foods Guide to Osaka

Paradise of sweet delights, that’s what I thought when I arrived in Osaka. “Osaka food, here I come!” So if you are both a foodie and are planning to visit the land of the rising sun, then make sure you include Osaka in your list because here is where you will certainly find special treats. […]

The First Thing You Should Do when You Arrive in Osaka (my kind of foodie welcome and the best sunset viewing platform)

The First Thing You Should Do when You Arrive in Osaka

I had prepared a screenshot of my map that would lead me from the central bus stop at the Umeda building to the central station. Upon taking a second look, it seemed amazingly far away and with my backpack that magically seemed to gain weight (but I had just sent away 2 kg!), I decided […]

Recipe Corner: Japanese Takoyaki

こんにちは! Konnichiwa! I am happy to share my first Japanese recipe with you. Granted, there have been so many food tests lately, it was hard to single one out but I thought I’d share one where I actually participated (or mostly documented) the making of. And this is one for all the seafood lovers out […]

Where Food Heaven is Just around the Corner

I have never had Japanese food in my life. Unless, of course, you count that one time I had vegetarian sushi in a Chinese restaurant in Sweden where I had to use chopsticks and became the centre of general amusement. And now I am in Japan. Being a self proclaimed foodie and getting giddy at […]

Guest Recipe Corner: Irish Stew for St Paddy’s

Today is a very special day for everyone feeling remotely connected to Ireland. It’s St Patrick’s Day, the person who has brought Christianity to the devoutly Catholic green island back in the day. So don your green clothes (or be poked), plurge on the guiness and delight in traditional Irish cuisine brought to you by […]

Foods You’ll Miss Once You Leave Germany

Even though I don’t get homesick – the travel bug is way too strong – I do get a pang of missing my favoutire foods every now and then. It might be a whiff of sausages while walking past a restaurant or bread on the supermarket shelf, but reaching out and buying said products is […]

Why You Absolutely Cannot Ignore Cyprus Cuisine

A little island filled with rugged mountains and olive trees on their sunbathed slopes right in the azure blue Mediterranean sea, Cyprus is truly a feast for the eyes. But the actual feast is for your belly. I seriously have never had a more elaborate foodie travel experience than in this small European country. So […]

Recipe Corner: Australian Damper

The ultimate Australian meal and classic bushtucker food, that is the damper. It is kind of comparable to a scone but much simpler. The original version required nothing but plain flour, salt and water and could thus be easily carried around without going bad in the Australian heat. The version I am showing you is […]

Recipe Corner: Applewood Smoked Bacon and Pancetta Dairy Free Mac and Cheese

Are you feeling hungry yet? I’ve scoured another great recipe and this time it is something that even those lactose intolerant people who love cheese can indulge in. Food blogger Kate from @WickedDeliciousKate has kindly shared here special version of yummy Mac and Cheese – a North American staple dish. So let us just head […]

Recipe Corner: Eggs in Mustard Sauce

Today I introduce you to a traditional German meal I really like. To my surprise many people think it’s strange or not tasty. Well, you can’t say that if you haven’t tried it (and many of said people hadn’t). So here it is and I hope you will give it a go because I think […]

If Heaven Were Made out of Pancakes It Would be Called Pancake Parlour

As I am writing this, I am mentally encouraging my stomach to digest even faster than usual (I have a pretty good metabolism, which unfortunately also means that I am hungry most of the time). The reason being, that I just didn’t want to leave this place of major pancake crush. With such a massive […]

Recipe Corner: Dongzhi Tang Yuan

Did you know that the most important celebration in winter for Chinese people is the Winter Solstice, the Dongzhi Festival? I definitely didn’t and was utterly surprised when my Taiwanese housemate presented me with a traditional dish eaten as part of the celebration. Not one reluctant to share, I want to tell you all about […]

Guest Recipe Corner: Baked Camembert and Cranberries

These are the times to give and receive. Thus, today I want to present you with you a recipe that Toni from Ladies what…travel has kindly shared with me. Are you looking for something different to make for dinner during the holidays? Then, this recipe for baked Camembert and cranberries might be just the right […]

A Wine Tour de Force in Barrossa Valley with Groovy Grape Tours

This blog post was sponsored by Groovy Grape Tours. Call me a wine expert now. After a full day driving from vineyard to cellar door listening to expert talk on the subject of wines and wine making, I feel that I should have remembered a fraction to share with you wine connoisseurs so that you […]

Food, the Australian Way

So you want to eat like the Aussies do? Well, forget kangaroo, crocodile or bush tucker meals. To overly generalise, it can be said that the modern Australian lives off meat pies and vegemite. Eating wild animals here is as much a special thing as eating veal in Europe. But because I’ve been asked so […]