The Keampuslauf in Salzburg - an Austrian Christmas tradition

Charming and Scary Austrian Christmas traditions to experience in Salzburg

This post was sponsored. It is one thing to learn about Christmas traditions around the world and another entirely to experience them for yourself. So when I arrived in Salzburg in time for Advent on my press trip, I stepped right into the magic and tried to learn more about the local Christmas traditions. Who […]

How to Have a Classic Day Trip to Stratford-upon-Avon

How to Have a Classic Day Trip to Stratford-upon-Avon

This post came to be thanks to sponsored services. I woke up in darkness, not really sure of the time, but it must be 9 am because that’s what I had set my alarm to. Still drowsy from sleep, but rapidly giddy with excitement, I draw the heavy curtains to the side and peek out […]

Where to find the best London Street Food

Where to Find the Best London Street Food

Wait, there are red cows? And Great Britain is threatening to dethrone France in the world of cheese? And there is plenty of great London street food to be found? It seems like my flight across the pond had not only cut short my days’ hours but also transported me into the future. I was […]

German Christmas Market for Rookies - Don't Leave Without Doing these 5 Things + a free downloadable guide

How to Have the Best German Christmas Markets Experience + free Guide

So you’ve heard about German Christmas markets and wonder what all the fuss is about. There probably is some sort of Christmas festivity going on in your town so why should you add yet another item to your ever growing bucketlist? Let me tell you why: because Christmas markets are the best way to get […]

The Ultimate Cheesesteak Tasting Tour with Philly on Segway

What exactly is a cheesesteak? It sounds like there would be a whole lot of processed cheese on a big fat steak. Someone else said it sounded like fried cheese. It is neither, my friends. What it is is a sandwich filled with slices of beef, topped with onions and your choice of cheese, which […]

Hearty, not Healthy – How Czech Food Won Me Over

Hearty, not Healthy – How Czech Food Won Me Over

Confession time: I love unhealthy food. Well, maybe this isn’t such a big confession but after my year of travelling I seriously craved the big savoury German cuisine and dug right in into potato dumplings, lots of gravy and big meat dishes. Since I had been invited to the Czech Republic by Czech Tourism and […]

To Cheesecake or Not to Cheesecake – An International Question

I was never a big fan of cheese cake. In the first place, why is it even called cheese cake when there is zero cheese in it? Cream cheese maybe but not cheese cheese. Major difference! And then I went to Australia. I didn’t think much of it but one day, drawn by delicious instagram […]

Where to Find the Best of Cape Town's Foodie Secrets?

Where to Find the Best of Cape Town’s Foodie Secrets?

I was invited to a foodie Tour to learn more about how culture and cuisine merge in around Cape Town. Of course, I was tempted very much and went off with Coffeebeans Routes to discover cuisines that were not only typically local but off the radar of regular tourists. Double win! What better way to […]

Cape Tow food hot spots you didn't know about but should

Cape Town Food Hot Spots You Need to Know

This post was sponsored. Cape Town Food. That was my first goal when arriving in the city. But I didn’t care for just any food, I wanted to find authentic African cuisine (I never had any before that). That was harder than I thought because Cape Town food is just as multicultural as is the […]

Learn how to Easily Prepare Sushi Roll

Sushi. Isn’t that what you NEED to have when you come over to Japan? But wait! It is actually a Tokyo thing and should be had first and foremost in the capital! Did you know that it was originally even referred to as Edo-mae zushi, Edo being the original name of Tokyo due to the […]

Japanese Food to Avoid – Yes, It Exists!

Ok, true. Japan is a paradise for foodies. So many yummy meals, quirky creations and just general tastefulness but even Japan has some food experiments that just backfired. Not all things suit all tastes but these ones might proof particularly tricky for Western palates. You can try them but why break your lucky chain of […]

Where Miso is King – 4 Must Try Foods in Nagoya

If you thought I was already done with Japanese food you were mightily wrong. There is so much to say about Japanese food, so much!!! And I thought, let’s start with a city that does not rank too high with first time tourists to Japan. Nagoya is not the prettiest city nor is a culinary […]

How to Save on and Glam up Backpacker Meals

A backpacker’s life is not easy. Living out of a suitcase, managing a tight budget, changing accommodation almost daily and still seeing the world up close and to the fullest. It is a full time task and requires extensive planning and budget management. One particular field of cutting costs, unfortunately, is that of food intake. […]

Not Spicy Korean Food in Seoul - How to Find It?

Not Spicy Korean Food in Seoul – How to Find It?

Call me a weakling, or to be more precise, my tastebuds. They are not the strongest when it comes to anything with a hint of spiciness. Even pepper. Not a big fan of that. And yet I call myself a foodie; well I am a picky foodie. That, however, didn’t make it any easier to […]

How to make Japanese okonomiyaki + video

How to Make Osaka Okonomiyaki

So you saw my Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki recipe (Japanese cabbage pancake) and wondered what the difference was between the original one and why I didn’t feature that one? Well, both are good and Osaka is extremely proud of their dish. But I had to say, Hiroshima just won me over. It served a massive portion, had […]

How to Make an Okonomiyaki Hiroshima-style

[gb:]Today I have a very special treat for you! The all-time classic Japanese dish that isn’t sushi but still amazing (plus, I am still not a big fan of sushi). Everyone who has watched Ranma ½ will be familiar with this dish that requires the expert handling of two kotes, spatulas, making it indeed look […]