7 Easy Tips on how to Travel with a Wig

I don’t see it as such but recently I was told I have an obsession with wigs and synthetic hair. There might be something there as I started my world trip with a black wig in my luggage, later bought a pink wig in a Japanese cosplay shop (and wore it while getting lost in […]

What You Should Know about Shopping in Japan and Korea

Shopping is a pretty straightforward thing. You go into a shop, look at things, possiby try on if you like and then choose to buy or not to buy. But each country has their own little twist on things, whether bartering is a national sport in some countries, such as Turkey or Morocco, and in […]

Korean Hanbok - Where to Rent it in Seoul

How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen

It has been a while since my last fashion post and this time I have a very special treat for you. I got to try out several hanbok and strutted my stuff like a true Queen on the streets of Seoul, choosing historic palaces as my scene. Nothing less to be expected wearing such garments. […]

Get Your Surf Vibe On at Surfers Festival Byron Bay

All these lovely people selling all these lovely things at the Surfers Festival Byron Bay. Centered around the surfing culture, everyone and everything had a connection to the ocean in one way or another. I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and approached a couple of vendors in hopes of getting closer to this surfer mentality and […]

MSFW Interview: Insights into Selling Vintage

When searching for time tested vintage finds, Pauline of Pauline’s Vintage Delights has the item you will fall in love with. Elegant handmade brooches, dandy dancing shoes, classy long chain necklaces and clothing items across last century’s decades will provide everyone with ample finds. Already from the very first beginnings of Round She Goes has […]

MSFW Interview: Insights into the Online Marketplace

During the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, an old army hall was turned into an enchanted place of fashion delights, with precious necklaces of long gold chains, golden floral brooches, flowing retro garments and shoes that made you dance ballroom. I am talking vintage and preloved fashion by women for women.

MSFW: Insights into Emerging Designer Brands – Interviews #1

Kyleigh from Tanner and Teague, a brand she has founded with her husband Sam, has given me some of her precious time to do an interview with me while she was hosting a temporary stand in the hub for the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. In line with showcasing truly Australian fashion, the brand is completely […]

MSFW: The Street is Your Runway

Seeing the designer fashion, be it couture or prêt-a-porter, is all very great. But about just as much beauty can be found on the streets – especially during Fashion Week. Fashionistas can be spotted wearing their best, getting creative and classy in new favourite outfits and it is a delight to see their own creative […]

MSFW: Active and Attractive on the lululemon runway

Who said that runways have to be serious and sophisticated? What about fun, excitement, action? This is where lululemon has got you covered. Their runway for active wear was pure joy. Have you ever seen a model enter the catwalk, dancing and doing crazy moves on the pole while other models where doing impressive yoga […]

MSFW: Runway One – In a Fairy Garden

“I might as well be in a forest“ is chanting through the splendidly ornamented setting within Melbourne’s old town hall. Quite rightly so, since it announces and summarizes this year’s first runway in the best way, which was centred around couture in the approaching days of spring, of warmer days and fresh nights with flowing […]

MSFW: On the Run

I feel so behind on covering the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week since I want to be in all the places, take lots of photos, write about it and make everything into nice blogs posts and I am leaving on Thursday as well. I am surprised my head has not exploded yet. From all the great […]

MSFW: The Lucky One

A rainy day greeted me on my fourth day of Fashion Week, but, of course, did not deter me in any way of searching out the local fashion displays and events. Armed with my silly, unfashionable rain cape, I easily dodged my way through fashionistas’ struggling umbrellas and into the hub for an insight into […]

Melbourne Cup: Put a Hat On

With the event that is in everyone’s mouth having arrived, I wanted to take a closer look at what the Melbourne Cup signifies for the fashion industry. While perfectly tailored and classy dresses are certainly important, the actual focus lies not the horses but the ladies’ fashionable headwear. Walking into the fabulously classy Block Arcade […]