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7 Easy Tips on how to Travel with a Wig

I don’t see it as such but recently I was told I have an obsession with wigs and synthetic hair. There might be something there as I started my world trip with a black wig in my luggage, later bought a pink wig in a Japanese cosplay shop (and wore it while getting lost in […]


What You Should Know about Shopping in Japan and Korea

Shopping is a pretty straightforward thing. You go into a shop, look at things, possiby try on if you like and then choose to buy or not to buy. But each country has their own little twist on things, whether bartering is a national sport in some countries, such as Turkey or Morocco, and in […]


How to Rent a Korean Hanbok and Feel Like a Queen

Korean Hanbok - Where to Rent it in Seoul

It has been a while since my last fashion post and this time I have a very special treat for you. I got to try out several hanbok and strutted my stuff like a true Queen on the streets of Seoul, choosing historic palaces as my scene. Nothing less to be expected wearing such garments. […]


Summer in the City – What Does Melbourne, Brisbane and Hong Kong Wear?

The heat is rising in Down Under and Melbourne saw to it that we were slowly cooked in 40°C (that is until a few days ago before the rain came pouring down and drowned the temperatures). I thought it was time to dust off my summer clothes and head out to a climate that reminded […]