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Road Trip Day 3 – Rumbling around Flinders Ranges

Early enough to blindly stumble through the dark to the breakfast tin shed and seeing the first sun rays slowly create a red band along the stretch of horizon, we made our way from Wilmington and out of Flinders. On our way back we got to know that these mountains are an impressive 600-700 mio […]


Silly Travel Anecdote – Booking Trauma

So there I was taking in the heightened experience of seeing the 12 Apostles basked in a golden glow by the lowering sun … and I had to make phone calls. Such fun. The level of excitement increased further when it turned out that the – as I was told – straightforward confirmation of my […]


How to not Do Sightseeing in Melbourne

My first day in Melbourne was really interesting. To be honest, I didn’t get to see anything much but it still made for experiences to tell about. After a 45min train ride all the way from distant Bundoora to the city centre, I was dropped off at the Parliament with no clue where to go. […]


Stories from the Land of Fog and Shining Sun

Travel stories from Hong Kong - a land of fog and shining sun

Ni Hao! What a day! I experienced everything from pouring rain to brooding sunshine and swirling mist and this in cozy, sticky 31°C with loooots of humidity. Add to this endless walks up and down. Well, if anyone wants to lose some weight, I guess that would be a way to do it. Jokes aside, […]