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Discover the Prettiest Place for Australian Sandboarding
Nullarbor Traveller – Day 1+2 // Sponsored

Discover the Prettiest Place to Sandboard in Australia

I’ve noticed my nails are starting to turn yellow with grime and I make a quick run for the showers in our new camp on our Nullarbor Traveller tour. We are in the middle of nowhere but at least have eco friendly facilities – which means a kinda self flush toilet, innovative bucket showers and […]


The Magical Place Australians Don’t Want You to Know About

The Place Australians Don't Want You to Know About

This post was sponsored. I absolutely cannot believe it. I saw my very first, very much wild echidna! It was just sitting there by the road. Unfortunately we couldn’t stop my sponsored trip with Bunyip Tours bus but I saw it and now I’ll tell the world! The last time I had the chance to […]


The Best Things Come in Threes – The Great Ocean Road with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored. And there I was again on my trip with Groovy Grape Tours, driving along one of the most stunning coastlines the world has to offer and do we not love the alluring appeal of our lovely blue planet? This time around the weather was particular gracious and we had amazing sunshine […]


Once in a Life Time – Rain at the Uluru with Groovy Grape Tours

This post was sponsored. The weather gods were not in our favour. Since yesternight they had the clouds roll in, rage storms and the occasional downpour on our heads. Accordingly, we had to shift our plans and instead of hiking around Uluru, we focused on Kata Tjuta instead. It was rather uncomfortable walking around in […]