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7 Pinterest Boards that Help You Travel Better

I am pretty late in discovering pinterest for my travel inspiration and planning. And this even though I have been creating boards and collecting scraps for ideas and tips all along. Only in real life. When you travel, that gets a lot harder and heavy to carry around, so I am super happy I have […]


Travel Photography Tips To Make You Look Like a Pro

taking the best travel photos

Have you taken a look at your old travel photos lately and discovered they all looked the same? The same family poses in front of skylines, the typical silhouette sunset shots, holding iconic monuments and all the exact same thing as everybody else? Let’s spice them up a bit with these easy travel photography tips […]


Where Is Home? Thoughts of a Constant Traveller

I am watching the people passing by, wondering what is on their minds, what are the plans of the day, where are they hurrying, slouching, strolling or pushing their way towards? I try to locate their accent. I should be so much better at this, after all, I am in my own country, my home […]


Here’s a Game for You and You Can Win a Little Something, too

Überraschung! Ich habe gerade diesen tollen Kreuzworträtselgenerator auf xwords-generator gefunden und musste den sofort ausprobieren. Wer würde das nicht? Und während ich so fiese und weniger fiese Fragen tippe, denke ich mir, dass ich doch an die ersten 10, die mir die richtige Lösung zumailen, eine Postkarte verlosen sollte. Aber nicht nur irgendeine, sondern eine […]