Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

Now is a good time as any to pull out your foodie bucketlist and mark off where to find the best cuisine in the world. Because the world is big and wide and there is just so much to see. I mean travel bucketists basically litter the internet and one can feel easily overwhelmed. But if you are a true foodie, the most important landmarks you will be looking out for are foodie parlours and outstanding restaurants, cafes and bars. So why not make your next trip into a full-blown foodie vacation?

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World


You don’t need to like sushi. Heck, you don’t even need to like fish or seafood and still find plenty to eat in Tokyo. Being a vegetarian or vegan isn’t so hard either as a lot of restaurants now have adjusted menus. (Also, the egg sushi is absolutely out of this world!) You will get to taste diverse Japanese cuisine with a big focus on seasonal products. Most importantly, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that doesn’t taste good.

If you like to splurge on food in a big way, you will be delighted to hear that Tokyo has more Michelin star restaurants in world. Still, if you are on a budget, you’ll also be fine. You can get cheap eats in local izakayas, get fresh food from the markets and you can get a lot of samples in the many giant food courts in the malls.

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World


The first big thing that made me leave my blog cocoon after I had arrived in Melbourne was cheesecake. I had been scrolling through instagram and all of a sudden this vision of a chocolate raspberry sprinkled, layered cake popped up. In that moment I wished I could travel to where it was and it turned out, it was in town! So I took to my heels and went on a scavenger hunt. It really was delicious!

But that was not the only time Melbourne’s sweet tooth blew my mind. Huge juicy burgers, rainbow coloured Chinese sponge cakes, there is a whole foodie world out there waiting to be explored in Victoria’s capital city. And if you love food photography, most of it is totally instagrammable. Also, Melbourne is truly multicultural and as a result, you can find the best cuisine in the world served here. Try Chinatown, the Italian District, Richmond, … you name it!

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World


Thai cuisine is often mentioned when it comes to best cuisine in the world. After all, it is very flavourful, diverse, pleasing and affordable. Bangkok probably even has the best street food scene in the world. Just head out anywhere, especially in the late afternoon, and you will find soup kitchens popping up like mushrooms. Freshly prepared soups, stir fries, rice bowls and as much (or little) seafood as your heart desires.

With Bangkok, you can go full on classy restaurants, well stocked food court or super affordable street food. From warm meals to cold sweets and icy smoothies, teas aGreek saladznd fruit shakes, your palate will simply love you for putting this destination on your foodie bucketlist. Being a vegan is slightly harder here but it is possible nonetheless.

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World


Greek food is well loved around the world. I mean, Tzatziki, Greek salad, gyros, the staples are a classic around the world. There are a lot of meat based dishes but likewise enough choice for vegetarians as well. Especially the starters never fail to put enough flavour to whet your appetite. How about Lachanoriz (cabbage with rice) and Greek Dolmades (stuffed Vine leaves)?

When you head to Greece for one of your foodie vacations, you should know the difference between its types of Greek restaurants. For freshly grilled foods, have a table set at an estiatorio or psistaria. Evening meals can be had at a taverna or, for fish based meals, at a psaro-tavernas. For gyros and kebab, try a souvlaki shop. Smaller snacks accompanied by ouzo are ouzeries, mezedopoulions and Tsipuradiko. If you love sweets (like I do), put local fournos (bakeries), cafeterias and cafeneons (cafes) on your foodie bucketlist.

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

New York City

Every neighbourhood has its own specialties to offer. After all, NYC is a metropolis, a giant melting pot forged by a multitude of cultures from all over the world. Classical Italian food in Little Italy, fresh food markets and high quality dining in the Meatpacking District, delectable ice cream variations in East Village, I could go on and on.

NYC staples are of course very US American: hot dogs, pizza, donuts and the famous cronut. But you can get so many more delectable dishes. With the capital of New York alone, you can easily fill a foodie bucketlist. (I even made a video about a handful of NYC desserts.) My personal favourite are always the giant, crazily decorated milkshakes. There even is an ice cream museum!

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World


For the love of Spanish tapas, you GOTTA visit Barcelona. A good start into the city’s foodie world is a stroll down La Rambla. Just so you know, this is where most tourists will be found as well, so if you want a truly authentic foodie experience, you gotta stray. Check out local tapas restaurants, especially around Plaça Reial. For a light snack, fresh, juicy fruit and one of the best juices you’ll ever drink, step into the market La Boqueria.

Besides tapas, one thing you absolutely have to try (if you like seafood) is paella and fish with allioli (garlic sauce). For a light snack, opt for the fresh tomato bread and for sweets, Crema Catalana is simply delectable. The latter is very comparable to crème brûlée, pudding covered with caramelised sugar.

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World


IF you still think England has only bland food on offer, you are so wrong! London is slowly turning heads in the foodie world. Don’t just think about fish and chips or pub food, but the capital’s sheer diversity of ethnic and fusion food. And then it’s markets! What I’ve found out is that England has even become a serious competition to French cheese. There are tons of local farmers producing all sorts of award winning cheese.

To get an idea of what I mean, make sure to add Borough Market to your London foodie bucketlist, then check out Camden Market and Shoreditch. In Shoreditch, for instance, you can fill your bags with flavourful Indian sweets, go to a Korean BBQ or sit back at your laptop in a hipster cafe.

Ghost Tours in New Orleans

New Orleans

Feasting on warm beignets to the jazzy tunes of a live band? Dig into jambalaya. The city has so much rich Louisiana cuisine to offer and everything is heavily influenced by its creole heritage, by Cajun cuisine and typical Southern soul food. Seafood and fish lovers will get enough on their plate as well. This is not surprising as Mississippi is located where the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Truly original dishes can also be sampled as New Orleans was the birth place of po’boy and muffuletta sandwiches as well as oysters Rockefeller and oysters Bienville, pompano en papillote, and bananas Foster, to name a few.

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

Hong Kong

Hong Kong will not only serve you typical Cantonese cuisine, but also by Japanese and Southeast Asian dishes. As a former British colony and international business center, it is also highly influenced by British dishes as well as Western foods.

There are so many local markets to stock up on fresh food, such as fish, vegetables, 1000 year-old-eggs and street snacks, but you can also pop into one of the many local tea houses for your daily fix of dim sum. This is where you can sit alongside locals and enjoy the truly Hong Kong experience. For dessert, add egg tarts to your foodie bucketlist.

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

Cape Town

Diverse food at affordable prices, local markets galore as well as local and international food, Cape Town will easily dish you the best cuisine in the world. For freshly caught seafood sit down at Victoria Harbour. To sample the best local wines, drive over to Stellenbosch.

Ranging from Cape Malay food over typical South African dishes to street food, it is quite impossible not to go crazy on food on the daily in Cape Town. I ate out every single day because there was so much on offer in this foodie world and it was so inexpensive.

Where have you experienced the Best Cuisine in The World?

Everyone has a different taste, so these were my personal favourites that have appeared on a lot of different “best cuisine in the world” ranking lists, such as these:

The Telegraph’s Top 5 Places for Any Foodie Bucketlist

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. Hanoi, Vietnam
  3. London, England
  4. Jaipur, India
  5. New York City, USA

Lonely Planet’s Top 5 Places for Any Foodie Bucketlist

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  3. Tokyo, Japan
  4. Athens, Greece
  5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Travel and Leisure’s Top 5 Places for Any Foodie Bucketlist

  1. San Francisco
  2. Barcelona
  3. Oaxaca, Mexico
  4. Singapore
  5. Maine, USA

What are your thoughts? What place MUST will rock any foodie world?

Foodies, This Is Where You’ll Find the Best Cuisine in the World

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  1. Reply

    Interesting list) I might be biased, though I would add at least a country from South Asia and one from Eastern Europe as food diversity there is mindblowing. These are more of the offbeat areas as of now, but hopefully, more people will explore them in future :)

    1. Reply

      Hi Natalia, I haven’t been to South Asia yet. And you are right, Eastern Europe has great food as well (I loved the cute cafes in Bucharest especially! But everyone’s tastes are different and the countries I listed I personally preferred. I also included different lists at the bottom of the post to round up the post. What countries would you have included?

  2. Reply

    London, tick. Greece, tick. Melbourne, tick. Bangkok and Tokyo – I’m coming for you!! I’d also include Chiang Mai in North Thailand, Peru and ITALY!!

  3. I am so happy you added Barcelona to the list! we do have some amazing (and cheap) food! And I have heard so many good things about the restaurants in Melbourne… I guess I will have to visit! Thanks for putting together this nice list!

  4. Reply

    I love that you included Cape Town – I am here at the moment and the food is just soo amazing. Also, agree with New Orleans – deep fried everything – hurrah! And yes, Tokyo – I so need to go. Hopefully I can make it happen next year.

    • Sarah
    • 16/12/2017

    Tokyo is my favorite food city but I could live on ramen and sushi!

    1. Reply

      We are of the same opinion then. Tokyo is my favourite as well and yeah, ramen is pretty amazing and versatile. And I love the egg sushi!

  5. Reply

    I live in Melbourne, and I would love to know where that cheesecake was from as I love cheesecakes.

    1. Reply

      Hi Sarah,
      the cheesecakes I was referring to were from Pana Chocolate.

  6. Reply

    Yum! I love everything about this! I want to go to all of the places I’ve haven’t been to and stuff my face haha

    1. Reply

      Hi Lindsey! Haha, same! Stuffing my face seems to be my life’s purpose recently.

    • Zara
    • 16/12/2017

    Amen to this post! My life revolves around food and travel so this is the perfect mouth-watering post for me! ha

    1. Reply

      Hello Zara! Foodies unite, amirite? Which of these destinations have you eaten your way through yet?

  7. Reply

    wow ! stunning pictures and post too really nice.. thanks for sharing and keep it up thanks a lot…!

    1. Reply

      Hi Lavit,
      Thanks for your comment. Stay awesome!

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