How Secure Are Your Life Goals Really? + live webinar

Get the Most out of Three Days in Malmö, Sweden

The heart of Skåne, the playground of Swedish hipsters and a dreamland for foodies, that is Malmö to me. If you didn’t know, it is the third biggest city in Sweden, the capital of its southernmost province and just a channel train ride away from Copenhagen. Should you extend your stay in Copenhagen to visit […]

When you move to Sweden you can visit Copenhaen easily from Malmö

What Happens after You Move to Sweden?

Gosh, it’s been already a month since my second move to Sweden (temporarily) and you know what that means? It’s high time for a roundup! Yes, I’ll try and write up one for each month to give you a little peek behind the scenes of the life of a travel blogger. But trust me, it’s […]

Awesome Places In South Sweden

What do you do after having worked for 6 months in an internship and having 2 more weeks to spend freely before heading back home? Explore!!! And that’s what I did en masse. You can’t believe the lovely summer days I spent in Sweden’s southernmost province, Scania, exploring its many castles, parks and monastries. And […]

One Year of Travel - 2016 Recap

One Year of Travel in Videos – 2016 Recap Part 1

One year of travel – what would that be like? The beauty of travel is that even when you are currently not abroad, you can still go back to that special place full of memories. I have now been travelling for two and a half years. This was mostly nonstop but last year was a […]

Your Downloadable Snow Vacation Packing List for Your Next Adventure

Your Downloadable Winter Vacation Packing List for Your Next Adventure

What is it with me always choosing travelling times when destinations generally give you the cold shoulder? I went to study in England when the leaves started falling. I biked through the snow to get to work in Sweden. And I visited New Zealand and Australia in winter and left when the heat wave was […]

Why You Should Really Take Your Time with Travel + free printable

Why You Should Really Take Your Time with Travelling

When I landed in Korea, I decided to take my time with travelling and settle down for a week or so to get work done. To not travel. It was hard. It was like getting an instant rehab, sitting in dimly lit hostel rooms didn’t add to my mood, I turned grumpy and the workaholic […]

Why You Need to Know about the Austrian Alps, Cows and Lots of Food

Why You Need to Know about the Austrian Alps, Cows and Lots of Food

It was my first time in the Austrian Alps (I had only ever been to Salzburg before) and I had come here in on invitation from Austria Tourism and was particularly excited to see the Shakespeare in the Mountains rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Tragic love stories with the backdrop of giant mountain tops and […]

Brexit and Travel - What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

Brexit & Travel – What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

So Britain is out. Not sure we can call it Great Britain much longer seeing the new probabilities of Scotland and Northern Ireland wanting to become independent now more than ever. Political impact aside, what does this mean for us travellers? Or more specifically, what does it mean for British travellers and expats? Brexit and […]

15 Proven Ways to Travel Guilt-Free

15 Proven Ways to Travel Guilt-Free

If I had asked 20 year old me, by now I would be living in a nice apartment close to an airport, with a nice salary and an amazing holiday coming up. Well, that didn’t happen. But I still travel. And I travel guilt-free. The thing about travel is that it is generally perceived as […]

Sicily's Taormina - How to Take a Surprise Trip Without Breaking the Bank

How to Take a Surprise Trip Without Breaking the Bank

The moment I stepped out of the car and overlooked the Australian plateau beneath my feet with thousands of tiny gumtree trees dotting the area, I felt as if I had landed in Africa. Now, Africa is a huge continent and no country is the same, but at that moment I knew I had to […]

Sometimes you are alone like this tree during a storm. You need a backup plan!

Do You Really Need an Ironclad Backup Plan?

Life usually doesn’t go to plan. And once it again it has taken me by surprise and basically put me out on the street. I told you about my recent move to Sweden and it turns out that my roommate’s boyfriend had impromptu change of his life plans and decided to move in with her. […]

Solo Travel for Beginners – The Top Five Countries You Need to Know

“Wait, you are going to [insert country]? By yourself? Solo travel?? Ooooh, just be careful. Don’t get kidnapped, don’t leave the house at night and don’t look at people strange.” Jep, that is advice I got and you know what. I didn’t list to any of it. And you know what else? I am fine. […]

New Years Blog Resolution

A New Year Change is Coming

I was in Miami, the sun was shining and I did not know what to do. I had a hard time sleeping and still woke up before the alarm. I actually had no need to set the alarm but did so nonetheless to get up and be productive. Well, that was naively optimistic.

German Christmas Market for Rookies - Don't Leave Without Doing these 5 Things + a free downloadable guide

How to Have the Best German Christmas Markets Experience + free Guide

So you’ve heard about German Christmas markets and wonder what all the fuss is about. There probably is some sort of Christmas festivity going on in your town so why should you add yet another item to your ever growing bucketlist? Let me tell you why: because Christmas markets are the best way to get […]

How to not Fall Sick While Travelling

Falling sick while travelling is never a good idea. I did not want to count how many times I had to frequent the hostel bathroom that morning. Seven. It was 8 am. This was the second time I had had food poisoning this year and the second time I fell sick within the last two […]