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5x Top 5 Women Friendly Countries You Should Visit as a Solo Traveller

5x Top 5 Woman Friendly Countries You Should Visit as a Solo Traveller

Not all countries are created equal and neither are their citizens. As a solo travelling female especially, there is always the added worry of travel safety, of street harassment and overall comfortableness. Travel should eliminate borders (also in people’s heads) because the world, and in particular strangers, aren’t as bad as the media or your […]

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Get the Most out of Three Days in Malmö, Sweden

How Secure Are Your Life Goals Really? + live webinar

The heart of Skåne, the playground of Swedish hipsters and a dreamland for foodies, that is Malmö to me. If you didn’t know, it is the third biggest city in Sweden, the capital of its southernmost province and just a channel train ride away from Copenhagen. Should you extend your stay in Copenhagen to visit […]

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What Happens after You Move to Sweden?

When you move to Sweden you can visit Copenhaen easily from Malmö

Gosh, it’s been already a month since my second move to Sweden (temporarily) and you know what that means? It’s high time for a roundup! Yes, I’ll try and write up one for each month to give you a little peek behind the scenes of the life of a travel blogger. But trust me, it’s […]

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What You Need to Know about Water Safety when Travelling

The best spots along the Great Ocean Road 12

It’s a simple thing. It can be tasteless or fun and it’s absolutely vital. Unfortunately, it can also be lethal to your travel or holiday plans. I’m talking water safety here. Hands up, who has suffered from water borne diseases, spent hours on the toilet and held their hurting tummy? And it’s so easy to […]