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Brexit and Travel - What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

Brexit & Travel – What Will Change for UK and EU Citizens?

So Britain is out. Not sure we can call it Great Britain much longer seeing the new probabilities of Scotland and Northern Ireland wanting to become independent now more than ever. Political impact aside, what does this mean for us travellers? Or more specifically, what does it mean for British travellers and expats? Brexit and […]

Bath & Hygiene or Lack thereof during the Time of Jane Austen and the Romans

The Shocking History of Bath Jane Austen Didn’t Tell

“So did I get that right, the men would relieve themselves right next to where people where eating?” I thought I must have misunderstood; this could not be the prim and proper uptight England that Jane Austen lived in, let alone the history of Bath, THE spa town of England. I had paid a visit […]

You’re Planning Your Holiday All Wrong

You’re Planning Your Holiday All Wrong

I hate to be the one to tell you, but you will regret your next holiday. You’ll hate getting up way too early every morning (and if you are an early riser, you’ll hate the late nights). You’ll hate having cameras and selfie sticks shoved in your face. You’ll hate the construction works that ruin […]

Ultimate Guide to Jane Austen Filming Locations

Ultimate Guide to Jane Austen Filming Locations

How does it feel to walk in the shoes of your favourite literary heroine? To finally see actual Jane Austen filming locations and places that her novels described? Seeing that marvellous house that lent itself as a source of inspiration to what would be widely known as Pemberley. Walking its extensive grounds, marvelling at its […]

How to Explore Yorkshire like the Brontë Sisters. Retracing the steps and seeing their favourite walks, rooms and finally understanding the mood of their novels.

How to Explore Yorkshire like the Brontë Sisters

Cold, desolate and void of shelter. That is how I pictured the harsh Yorkshire moors I thought I knew so well from the books. And so I trudged through the treacherous heath, being very cautious of my steps. The moors can be dangerous and when you stray off the path – as I like to […]


Review: SACO Apartment in London, Canary Wharf

I have my own apartment in London, how fancy does that sound? Especially for a constant traveller like me, the mere thought of having a nice place to myself with different rooms, privacy, a decent working desk and wifi was my own kind of heaven. And then it was in London of all places. I’d […]

Your ultimate Shakespeare Trip in England

How to Have a Perfect Shakespeare Trip in England

Isn’t it glorious how in only the short time of ten minutes, your level of ignorance for the day can already reach a staggering height? Imagine it being a barometer measuring the day’s air pressure, mine surely was on the brink of overflowing. And so I just smiled and nodded and asked some more questions. […]

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Awesome Souvenirs from around the World Worth Buying

It’s no secret that I am no fan of souvenirs. Not the typical suspects anyway. Give me a typical food item over a key ring any day as a souvenir from your trip. Buy me something silly yet useful, like a mafia apron from Sicily or a Cadbury chocolate from England instead of little attraction […]

Tokyo's Cherry Blossoms 3

Are these 10 Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in Tokyo Worth It?

So I missed it by a day, but that does not mean that I completely failed my mission of chasing down the sakura and doing some cherry blossom watching. I located the best places to admire the splendour of the hundreds and thousands of cherry trees in full bloom. If you ever get to Tokyo […]