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The five cheeky ways to book your flights - use them to save a lot of money and not be ripped of.

Five Cheeky Flight Booking Secrets You Must Know

Though it seems like the most straightforward way that you could go about travel booking – hotel comparisons and planning itineraries and tours might be even trickier – there are some flight booking secrets you should know. These could make it cost YOU more but not other people.

How to Overcome Shyness through Travel

10 Ways to Overcome Shyness through Travel

I get it. Talking to people can be scary. To this day I can never get over how hard making phone conversations is. I need to give myself a proper pep talk and then just hit dial while covering my eyes and answering in a panicky voice in order to trick myself not to postpone […]

Rhoen landscape

Why the Nature Reserve Rhoen Needs to Be On Your Radar

gbWhy did I do this to myself? Getting up before dawn and going to bed only 4 hours earlier (that is at least 2 hours later than I had planned – why do I even plan?). I must have been mad. But then again, you don’t get to see the most amazing landscapes in the […]


Get the Most out of Your Three Week Trip to Australia

When I decided to head for the continent that was furthest south except for Antarctica, I took a quick look at the world map and decided I would travel everywhere and quickly hop over to Japan from there. It all looked so close. Only when I was standing underneath a giant floating globe that indicated […]


Get the Most out of Travelling Japan for Two Weeks

Visiting Japan for only a few days might leave you feeling like you haven’t seen nearly enough. There is so much to discover, so much food to try and so many places that will leave you in awe – Japan really has this overwhelming effect like no other country I have visited before. Therefore, I […]

15 Proven Ways to Travel Guilt-Free

15 Proven Ways to Travel Guilt-Free

If I had asked 20 year old me, by now I would be living in a nice apartment close to an airport, with a nice salary and an amazing holiday coming up. Well, that didn’t happen. But I still travel. And I travel guilt-free. The thing about travel is that it is generally perceived as […]

How Secure Are Your Life Goals Really? + live webinar

Get the Most out of Three Days in Malmö, Sweden

The heart of Skåne, the playground of Swedish hipsters and a dreamland for foodies, that is Malmö to me. If you didn’t know, it is the third biggest city in Sweden, the capital of its southernmost province and just a channel train ride away from Copenhagen. Should you extend your stay in Copenhagen to visit […]

Sicily's Taormina - How to Take a Surprise Trip Without Breaking the Bank

How to Take a Surprise Trip Without Breaking the Bank

In my mind, I travelled continents. The moment I stepped out of the car and overlooked the plateau beneath my feet with thousands of tiny gumtree trees dotting the area, I felt as if I had landed in Africa. Now, Africa is a huge continent and no country is the same, but at that moment […]

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Awesome Souvenirs from around the World Worth Buying

It’s no secret that I am no fan of souvenirs. Not the typical suspects anyway. Give me a typical food item over a key ring any day as a souvenir from your trip. Buy me something silly yet useful, like a mafia apron from Sicily or a Cadbury chocolate from England instead of little attraction […]


When You Should Really Book Flights + Infographic

Mentally bonding over shared experiences with canned sardines is no fun and it makes you ask, is it really worth it to buy the cheapest flight there is? Is there no other way to book flights? There sure is if you know when to look for cheap flights. Timing is everything.

Tokyo's Cherry Blossoms 3

Are these 10 Cherry Blossom Watching Spots in Tokyo Worth It?

So I missed it by a day, but that does not mean that I completely failed my mission of chasing down the sakura and doing some cherry blossom watching. I located the best places to admire the splendour of the hundreds and thousands of cherry trees in full bloom. If you ever get to Tokyo […]